How to book your first tween sessions.

Well hello there!

I’m super excited you’re here, and roaring-ready to learn how to start booking tween sessions.

But first, I want to talk a bit about why you would even WANT to book a tween session.

I mean I get it. I’m a photography education junkie too!

So I want you to know this isn’t just another “shiny object” of information like everything else out there.

This, my friend, is how I crush it during the slow season and dismiss the off-season “bank account blues.”

So here’s what you need to do to start your first tween sessions.

Step 1: Make sure tween sessions don’t just grow your bank account now, but set boost your business for the long-haul.

There’s something super unique about tween session.

It’s your chance to break-up with the competition, because nobody else is marketing to them or even photographing them!

There’s this ability to re-market to their friends for tween sessions, book their senior session in a few years, and book the family session as well.

This seemingly magical effect isn’t hocus-pocus, it’s math. Read about the 5 ways you can make money with tween sessions.

Step 2: Make moms want to book you NOW, and not feel like a tween session is “frivolous”

OK. This part isn’t just important, it’s VITAL.

You can’t just run around screaming “I just started tween sessions, book me now!”

If you do that, I’ll guarantee you’ll hear crickets.

What you NEED to do is get the mom to realize why photos are so important for their tween at this age.

And the most important thing?

Is making mom feel like the hero (the hero that she really is, mind you). Because it’s not about how you make her THINK the tween will feel, it’s how you make MOM feel about the decision.

You can download my exact word-for-word scripts here.


Step 3: Make sure you act quickly, don’t wait until “next year.”

I know, I know. 

I’ve done it to.

The infamous, “wow this could make me SO MUCH MONEY! I’m so excited!” And then life happens.

And you just say, “ah, I can start that next year.”

Don’t do. DON’T DO IT!

You can signup for my tween quick-start masterclass here, and learn how to book your first 7 tweens in 14 days (seriously…that isn’t even a joke – my first time booking tween sessions in a city of 33,000 people I booked MORE than that). SIGNUP FOR THE BOOK YOUR NEXT MONTH SOLID WITH TWEENS: A MASTER CLASS.