Sure, your business has been growing every year.

You can barely breath some weeks from having so much to do.

But overall?

Things are “feast or famine.”

You finally get ahead and are booked, and then the next few weeks are dead.

So once things are said and done, you’re back to ground zero and you’re barely making anything.

You’re worried about paying the bills.

You’re too busy trying every marketing tactic out there…Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter…oh wait, now everyone’s telling you to get on the *NEW THING*…

…and there’s ALWAYS the next *NEW THING*

You’re so busy spinning your wheels,

That you aren’t doing what you love.

Whether you dream of buying your daughter those expensive jeans she’s always wanted, lounging on the couch watching cartoons with your kids,

or spending Sunday in Pajamas just because

one thing’s for sure:

The secret to getting back to what you love?

Is generating income during “the gaps”.

Those weeks and months that have holes that could and SHOULD be filled with sessions.

So you AREN’T always in “feast or famine mode.”

Sure – you manage to play hide-and-go with your son every now and again.

You even sing him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star every night before bed (when you’re not editing, that is).

But there’s just one little problem:

Your calendar isn’t filled with the things you love to do.

The things you thought a photography business would bring you, but only took away.

The freedom of being able to take a day off work when your kids are sick and feel ok about it.

The freedom to splurge on a last minute trip to Denver to see a Taylor Swift concert with your girls.

The freedom to enjoy your life.

And while a typical photographers 9-8pm work schedule isn’t a sin?

It isn’t exactly what you thought living the photographer dream would be.

Introducing The Profitable Mini Session Formula + Done for You Campaigns

The complete guide to dominating your “calendar gaps” with a 3-day mini event, making moms want to book you and not even looking at the competition, with done-for-your marketing proven to skyrocket your mini session bookings.

I’m Lisa Edwards from Photo Bacon, and I created The Profitable Mini Session Formula because I know that photographers want an easy to follow game plan to generate income quickly when they see a slow week or month “gap” on their calendar, instead of trying 731 bazillion new marketing techniques.

Save a ton of time with my my 3 Steps to an Organized Mini Session Lesson…so you don’t have model releases, papers and folders EVERYWHERE!

What’s in the course:

Module 1: Planning for Profit

  • Profit Formula #1: Maximize your hourly rate & create a profitable but realistic goal that is attainable, even during a world crisis.

  • Your irresistible offer: What you MUST include in your mini session offer, or most people will never buy more.

  • Prepping for the sale…yes, already! This is step 1 in ensuring that 80% of your clients order within 24 hours of the gallery being put online (hint: don’t do this, and you’ll be chasing after customers and left with no sales)

  • Your Profitable Mini Session Planner

Module 2: Marketing Creation

  • My EXACT copy that is proven to book mini sessions. It’s emotional, it’s mushy, it shares the VALUES of mother and child closeness (without sounding CLICHE…no, you WONT say “mother and child closeness” anywhere in your copy!)

  • The framework for creating marketing copy that SELLS, so that you can create fresh copy for new mini session ideas multiple times a year.

  • How to quickly setup your marketing, WITHOUT doing a “test” photo session for sample images.

  • 3 complete DONE-FOR YOU Marketing Campaigns (The Family Mini Session “Rambunxious”, The Children’s “Spirit of Childhood” mini session, The Mom & Me “Celebrate Mothers” Mini Session”

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Marketing email template

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Final Booking email template

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Social media copy

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Campaign Logo

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Social Media Quote Templates

Module 3: Get Booked

  • The Marketing Trifecta – 3 Different Step-By-Step and low to no cost ways to get clients IN.

  • How to book past clients even if they JUST did a senior of family session.

  • The low cost marketing that GUARANTEES getting in front of moms that have the means to pay you what you’re worth (HINT: most photographers don’t even KNOW you can do this, and no, I’m not talking about partnering with boutiques or charities!)

  • The easiest, most simple , and FREE way to create a MOBILE FRIENDLY page for people to purchase your sessions, so that you can book people while you sleep (instead of playing Ultimate Phone & Email Tag)

  • Your irresistible offer: plug and play your information into the EXACT email copy I used to book 23 mini sessions for my very first event.

  • How to get your recently booked Mini Session Clients to REFER you to their friends, without sounding like a cheesy salesman.

  • How to create a sense of urgency for moms to book their session NOW (instead of just waiting until next time)

  • The exact, easy-to-duplicate framework for using this entire system to create 2-4 NEW mini session campaigns yearly

  • DONE-FOR-YOU – Session Sales Page Copy (hint: you can’t just try to sell without describing the benefits)

  • DONE-FOR-YOU – The Session Confirmation Email

Module 4: Your Session

  • How to ensure you don’t get “behind” during these fast-paced sessions

  • Save a TON of time with the 3 Steps to an Organized Mini Session, so you don’t have model releases, hand-written papers and folders everywhere!

  • Best practices for what fun items like real-feeling (but fake) snow, color powder, writing tools, paper & scanning technology you need and how to quickly get wonderfully rendered handwriting on a white background.

  • Quick and easy mini session poses that moms buy

  • DONE-FOR-YOU – What to Wear and Bring Guide – after getting this, moms often email me back, “you read my mind, I was just going to ask about this!”

  • DONE-FOR-YOU – Clothing Color Guide Templates

Module 5: Your Online Sales System

  • How I get 80% or more of Moms to purchase online in a 24 hour period of time, and purchase the packages and products I WANT them to buy and are most profitable to me.

  • How to get people excited BEFORE their photos are ready to view with the exact email I send to get them pumped

  • The Sneak Peak Argument: Should you, or shouldn’t you? How I do a sneak peak that DOES NOT screw my sales over.

  • My exact pricing and strategies for getting the sales I want, without “scarring everyone away” or “giving away the farm”

  • The wording you need to include so that you aren’t spending hours and hours customizing things for people who “want this” or “want that.” Hint: this expectation starts at the very beginning.

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Pricing and Packages

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Word + Photo collage templates

Ditch the “session gap” blues so you can stop worrying about finances and be present with your kids…

By creating a 6K Mini Session Event.





Self Study Course: 


  • 9 video lessons with included .mp3 recordings and slides

  • 27 +Total Done-For-You PDF marketing copy templates, social media scripts, email correspondence, what-to-wear email, and more

  • Pricing Guide Template

  • Mini Session Formula Planner & Worksheets