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Specifically for portrait photographers struggling to book sessions 

“Smith Oxytocin Formula”

Neuroscientist Predicts Fortune 500 Ad Results With 83% Accuracy

And Uncovers A New & Different Way to Get Portrait Clients,

As quick as 9 Tween Portrait Bookings in a Day

I know it sounds weird…

But this is booking portrait photographers out solid for weeks…

… even months.

And it’s called the Smith Oxytocin Formula.

It’s new, and it’s completely different from what you’ve heard of,

because it’s based on a unique formula for booking new portrait clients with specific psychology techniques which trigger buying brain chemicals.

Sounds crazy, I get it. 

But this simple system can book you new tween sessions more rapidly than any other method out there. And in case you’re wondering, tweens are the “pre-teen” ages of 10-12.

And the fact is, the formula can fill your calendar with a wave of new clients in as little as one day. 

No joke. 

And, it’s super simple. 

You just follow the 7-part formula you’ll hear about here in just a minute, and clients start booking you. 

And, the Smith Oxytocin Formula is based on the same formula used by Fortune 500 companies to create their marketing and ads, the same formula that scientifically predicts, with 83% accuracy, increased sales.

And, you can use it any time of the year to get an influx of new leads and bookings, no matter the season.

And you can repeat it as often as you want to get more bookings.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the formula creates repeat buyers…so you get clients that buy more than once – not just one-off sessions.

And with the Smith Oxytocin Formula, it doesn’t matter if you’re new or established, self-taught or have a degree… 

You fill your calendar no matter your price point, portrait niche, and whether you sell digitals, prints, or both.

The great part is, you use the formula like clockwork. 

Every time you want an influx of new sessions, you just go through the simple steps that trigger the brain chemicals in your prospects, and then the booking and the buying begin.

And, in case you wondering:

  • No, you don’t need a big social media following or email list.
  • You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on ads.
  • You don’t need to spend a ton of time on blog posts or SEO.
  • You don’t need to change your price point or package structure.
  • You don’t need to bug people with salesy marketing, telling them constantly to “book a session now”.

With the Smith Oxytocin Formula, it’s basically like having your own referral vending machine…but instead of candy falling out, it’s sessions… you push L3 once, and two, three, even four new sessions fall into your calendar.

Hi, I’m Lisa Edwards… 

And I’ve helped hundreds of photographers around the world book their calendars solid with tween sessions, even when they’d never photographed a tween before. 

I’ve helped new photographers, established photographers, and even a past PPA President book tons of tween sessions.

I’ve been in the photo industry for 14 years, I’m a Certified Professional Photographer through PPA, and I’ve spoken at many in-person and virtual conferences, including WPPI.

I’ve had more than a thousand portrait and wedding clients, and have been paid to create work for publications and organizations including: The Wall Street Journal, The Grammy Foundation and Tasting Panel Magazine.

And I’m going to give you all of the steps and details that are in the Smith Oxytocin Formula here in a second, so that you can start using it right away.

Before that, I want to share with you what a tween session is, and why they’re so profitable, enjoyable to photograph, and easy to book with the formula.

The cool thing is, you will love photographing tweens. 

At this 10-12 year age, they aren’t cute toddlers anymore, but they aren’t teenagers yet, either.

Which means they’re old enough to take direction, and young enough to be silly in front of your camera… without rolling their eyes. 

So, you don’t have to make monkey noises, or crawl around on the floor like a tiger, just to get a half smile.

Instead, you’re full of energy. Because tweens love to listen – they’re spontaneous, spin around in circles, do fake laughs, and they do it on command without any pushback.

And you’re not exhausted after a tween session. 

Instead, you’re creative and energized. And when you get home, instead of being tired, and wanting to zone out on Netflix, you sit down at the dinner table and talk about how great your day was.

And it gets better…

Because when you use the Smith Oxytocin Formula…

You book sessions that make you more profit, than ANY of your other sessions do…

And that’s because, these are short, 30-45 minute sessions, but they still buy your full-priced packages.

I mean sure, you can book these sessions longer if that’s your style. But you don’t need to book crazy long 3-hour sessions, because these are NOT high school seniors, and the moms are well aware of that, and even HAPPY about that.

So you aren’t galloping around town to 3, 4, or 5 different locations. No, you’re just shooting at one location. And you get more than enough great images that the moms LOVE and buy.

…and the best part?

You have time to shoot more sessions every…single… week… 

Think about it. 

These tween sessions take half the time to photograph, but you make the same in sales. So the numbers just work out in your favor. 

This means you make more money per hour than any other session. 

And like I said, when you use the Smith Oxytocin Formula…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever photographed a tween before

Because as long as you’ve photographed other portrait sessions, you have all the skills you need. You just give the pre-teens simple directions, and they move, pose, and give you the expression you’re looking for.

You don’t have to have any extra crazy posing skills or technical lighting know-how. If you know how to do a basic portrait session, you have all the skills you need.

This means that with the Smith Oxytocin Formula, you can start photographing tweens immediately, whether you’re just starting out or are well-established,

And if that wasn’t enough?

When you follow the Smith Oxytocin Formula, you book an age that still has blemish-free skin, because most of them aren’t yet experiencing hormone changes that lead to acne.

So you don’t spend hours editing out blemishes, or trying to use skin-softening software that ends up looking fake. 

Instead, you just do your basic color and exposure edit, and pop on the creative Preset or Action of your choice. 

You don’t dread sitting down to edit. Instead, you enjoy the creative editing, and making your photos come to life.

You see, the beauty of the Smith Oxytocin Formula…

Is that you follow simple steps that guide you to book…

…Clients that every other photographer overlooks.

And those same clients are eager to help their tweens, and they help their tweens by booking a portrait session…

…and I’ll tell you why they care so much here shortly…

…but first, my favorite part of the Smith Oxytocin Formula, is that…

You don’t get price shoppers, because there is little to zero competition. 

No other photographers are offering tween sessions, and certainly not with this unique formula, so you are the only choice. 

Think about it.

You probably haven’t seen any other photographer in your area posting photos of tweens, or even offering tween sessions.

So it’s a no-brainer for moms to book you, because you’re the only choice.

They can’t google “cheap tween photographer,” because nobody else shows up. 


And because you’re using the Smith Oxytocin Formula, moms value your tween session 5 times more than any other portrait session. 

And I’ll share more of how that works, here for you shortly. 

So, you might be a bit skeptical right now.

You’re probably thinking, ‘if tween sessions are so easy to book, and are so profitable…

…why aren’t photographers in my area already offering tween sessions?

And the answer is simple:

The reason other photographers aren’t marketing tween sessions, is because they aren’t being asked by moms to offer them. 

So, nobody is calling or emailing your competition asking for a portrait session for their tween.

And logically you might think that if nobody is asking for it, you shouldn’t offer it.

But the opposite is true

Let’s talk about Henry Ford for a second.

Back in his day, people got around by horse…

And nobody was asking him to build an automobile. 

Yet he innovated anyway…and he invented the metal version of a horse-drawn-carriage.

And he said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” 

In other words, people want a solution to their problem. In Ford’s case, people wanted to get places faster, 

and move things faster. 

And people thought a faster horse was the answer. 

But Ford realized he could help them better…that a faster horse was an inferior solution…

So instead, he solved their problem better, with the automobile…he got people places FASTER than any single horse, or horse-drawn carriage ever could.

And the Smith Oxytocin Formula does the SAME THING.

It solves the tween moms problem BETTER.

You see, moms of tweens have the need to help their tween through these tough ages of 10-12. ..Through the cliques.

The self-judgement.

Their problem is, they want to help their child feel, even a tiny bit less pain in their life…

…Because, they were once a tween themselves…they’ve been through it… and can feel, at a gut-level, what it is that their tween is going through. 

And that’s why the Smith Oxytocin Formula is so beautiful.

Moms are drawn into the formula, and see the emotional value, and the relationship value, in what you offer. 

And they pay you your full prices.

Think about it.

What would you pay to get rid of even a tiny bit of pain that your child is feeling?

To get rid of a fraction of their self-conscious feelings?

What would you pay, to give your child a tiny bit more self-confidence?

To help them stop judging themselves when they look in the mirror?

To stop that negative voice in their head from whispering terrible things?

You can’t put a price tag on that, no parent can. 

I can’t. 

It’s universal for us parents.

That’s why tween moms don’t just quickly inquire about tween sessions, but they book, they buy, and they refer.

You see, parents are already trying to solve this self-esteem problem with their tweens.

They’re buying them new clothes, lip gloss, and other types of makeup.

But we all know – those things don’t last. 

Clothes become out-of-fashion, lip gloss melts in the dryer, makeup washes down the drain..

And when you use the Smith Oxytocin Formula, Tween sessions are a better, longer-lasting result.

You solve the problem better.

And tween moms understand that.

And prove it to you by booking a session and buying a high-dollar package.

You see, when you use the Smith Oxytocin Formula…

You get more than ten times the inquiries than you would with “traditional” marketing. 

And because you get 10x the inquiries, you also get 10x the bookings.

And the reason for this, is because you follow a three-point checklist of psychological triggers.

The result, is that the moms move into a brain state of emotional nurture toward their tweens.

Just like Debbie from Georgia did when she switched her marketing to the Smith Oxytocin Formula. She says she follows the formula, makes one piece of marketing, and quickly books 12 tween sessions and fills her calendar solid for the next few weeks.

This means you don’t have to spend tons of time on every type of social media, or run yourself ragged trying to write new blog posts, try out SEO, or partner with every boutique in town just to maybe get a few leads. 

Instead, you do a single marketing activity and start seeing your inbox fill with inquiries and bookings.

And like I said before….The Smith Oxytocin Formula works fast.

It books you up to 9 sessions in as little as a day.

Photographers all over the country are reporting quick results like this.

Like Lindsey from Colorado Springs, who books nine sessions in just 7 hours when she uses the formula…

And like Mara from Indiana, who uses the formula to book 15 tween sessions when she wants.

And Stefanie from Maryland, who books 12 tween sessions whenever she has a gap in her calendar and wants to quickly book herself solid for a few weeks.

And this is all possible because of the emotional brain chemicals that moms are experiencing when they see your marketing, and book their tween session.

And here’s what makes this really interesting…

The Smith Oxytocin Formula triggers a specific combination of brain chemicals (oxytocin and dopamine) in the tween mom.

These chemicals are proven to create buying behavior

…and a top neuroscientist has spent his 20-year career publishing studies on this effect.

He’s even been able to measure the release of these “buying” chemicals while people view marketing content.

And he can predict, second-by-second, what works to create buying chemicals, and what doesn’t.

That is, where people zone out, close their browser, or move on to the next social media post.

It’s like a magic eight-ball that predicts if someone will buy.

His team has been hired by Warner Brothers to create blockbuster hits, by Super Bowl Advertisers to predict advertising success, and by Facebook and Amazon to measure what content will get people to stay on their site, and ultimately buy.

The good news?

You don’t need a multi-million dollar marketing budget like the big companies have, in order to trigger buying chemicals in tween moms.

That’s because the Smith Oxytocin Formula is based on the same formula this neuroscientist discovered.

And it triggers the exact same brain chemicals, and uses the same psychology techniques the big wigs use to get more buyers. 

This means you’re able to market like multi-million dollar companies do, without the crazy budget. 

You get the results without spending money on ads or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to hire a neuroscientist. 

And this all works consistently for you when you use the Smith oxytocin Formula’s 7 Step Formula.

And these specific steps are a combination of specific wording, structure and psychology tactics that trigger the buying brain chemicals in tween moms.

All you have to do is follow this 7-step formula:


Step 1:

You use a 3-part checklist to infuse brain triggers and psychology into one new piece of marketing.

It can be a social media post, blog post, or email.

As a result, tween moms trust you and feel empathy toward their tween daughters. 

Moms feel the same pain their daughters are feeling, and they want you to help solve that problem. 

You start getting tons of inquiries almost immediately. And in case you’re wondering, this also works to book tween boys. 

To top that off, your marketing is shared by adults who don’t even have tweens, because they believe and see value in what it is you’re doing. 

This means your marketing goes sort of “small-time viral” among moms in your community, and you don’t waste time trying to create tons of new social media posts or be on every platform. 

Instead, you create one piece of marketing and see inquiries flow in your inbox with ease.

Step 2:

You consistently and easily convert a higher number of inquiries into qualified bookings, because your prospects already have an emotional buy-in and are pre-sold on the value of what you do. 

This makes it easy to book, because you don’t have to do in-person consultations or spend hours on the phone trying to convince them that you’re worth it.

At the same time, you’re being open and honest with pricing and expectations, so nobody gets price-shock or thinks the digitals are included. 

Instead, you have clients that value what you’re doing to help their tween, and are happy to invest in your high-quality print or digital products.

Step 3:

You quickly collect psychographic data from the family, and uncover their specific emotional triggers, which you use to catapult more buying behavior down the line. 

The beauty of this, is that it’s easy. 

You don’t have to spend hours on the phone with them or even do a ton of customer research. You just send one quick email and the data populates automatically.

Step 4: 

You create a sort of “emotional high” for the mom and tween during the session, because you infuse the emotional triggers into the session. 

The tween feels comfortable and confident around you, which means you get genuine expressions and poses. 

Because of this, the parents and the tween love a majority of the images, link the photos with the emotional high, and end up spending more money.

To top that off, the tween and the mom will tell their friends how much fun they had at your session, creating a buzz among your target market, and getting you more clients, without having to awkwardly ask people to give out referrals.

Like Beth from North Carolina. She consistently gets moms who cry during her tween sessions, and tell her they want to spread the word about how amazing the tween session is to other parents.

Step 5:

You generate higher sales, because the emotional triggers you gathered earlier, are infused with the portraits when they see their images for the first time. 

Oxytocin and dopamine are present in the brain and the bloodstream, promoting generosity and purchasing behavior. 

The first time Sherri from Georgia did this, she says she thought her average sale would be just $650. But instead, her average is $962, which she says feels mind-blowing, because people are purchasing her higher collections, and for a type of session none of her competitors are even going after.

And it doesn’t matter if you sell online or do in-person-sales. It works both ways. This means you don’t have to create a new system of selling. Instead, you just slightly tweak what’s already working for you.

Step 6:

You infuse the emotional triggers into one or two of your current products, be that physical, digital, or both. 

Every time a family member looks at the products you created for them, they’ll be hit with another dose of brain chemicals.

This creates a cycle of emotional experiences for the tween and her family, which are linked to you. 

This means they’ll value you more than any other photographer, and book you for their family, high school senior, and additional tween sessions.

Step 7:

You create a sort of “session vending machine” with a quick family follow-up. 

This short e-mail is infused with their specific emotional triggers, and activates additional tween, high school senior, and family portrait sessions. 

So a single tween session turns into multiple sessions.

The mom books her family portrait session with you. She books you for her other children, for their high school seniors and tween sessions. 

What this means, is that one tween session turns into 2, 3, and even MORE portrait sessions within the next year, and even double or triple that if you think about your entire photography career. 

Imagine not having to constantly reinvent your marketing and try to book people who have never heard of you, but instead quickly, with a short email, re-book tween moms, who already trust you and have an emotional connection with you and your work. 

This is when you can really scale up your profits, without spending a ton of time marketing, or needing to maintain the perfect Instagram grid, or needing to post 3x/day on Facebook or Instagram just to get a few inquiries every month.

And the Smith Oxytocin Formula works for you any time of year, year after year.

Let me tell you my own story about using the formula.

The first time I used it, I booked 15 tween sessions, during January and February, during a time that normally was my dead season.

The next time I used the formula, I booked 17 tween sessions.

The next time, 27 tween sessions!

And I’m using this formula whenever I want to book these number of sessions!

And trust me, I was skeptical at first.

Because before I got a hold of the Smith Oxytocin Formula, I would just hear crickets every time  I put out a new social media or blog post.

And this formula changed my business completely.

Because the tween sessions I just mentioned don’t include the extra family, high school senior, and even additional tween sessions I booked from the same client.

In fact, one of my first pre-teen moms booked a tween session in January of year one, then booked a full family portrait sessions that same year in October, then booked her other daughters tween session the next February.

And since then, I’ve photographed the first tween’s high school senior session, as well as another full family photo session. And the second tween’s senior session is coming up this summer.

That’s 6 sessions from just one tween client, with more sessions in the future, all hitting at least my average sale.

And the great thing is, the Smith Oxytocin Formula works for you no matter your pricing, how you sell, or your location.

It works no matter what your shooting style is, if you’re in-studio or on-location, and whether you’re new, or more established.

And it works so consistently, because it’s based on proven science and psychology, not just theory alone. 

This means you get to keep doing the things you love most, while adding an extra income stream into your business. 

It also means you can stop doing the types of sessions you don’t love, because you’re getting high-dollar sessions from tweens.

Imagine saying “no” to sessions that don’t light you up. 

For you, maybe it’s a high-volume event, newborn photos, or even wedding photography. You get to stop feeling like you have to take jobs that drain you, just for the money.

Instead, you feel the relief of saying “no.” 

You feel inspired and relaxed on your days off, instead of stressed out and dreading the next week of sessions.

By now, you can see how and why the Smith Oxytocin Formula is so effective at booking you up to 9 tween sessions in as little as a day.

And you understand what makes it so powerful for booking your calendar out solid with tween sessions.

And that’s why today, I want to give you the opportunity to put it to work for you, with a unique product called Tween Booking Blueprint.

Let me tell you what it will do for you, how quickly it will work, and everything you get today.

So what’s Tween Booking Blueprint all about?

Well, it’s everything you need to create lots of new tween bookings using the Smith Oxytocin Formula.

Here’s everything you get:

The Tween Booking Blueprint Multimedia Course:

It has 5 video modules, and the audio version too, so you have everything you need to master the 7 steps of the Smith Oxytocin Formula.

And you fill your calendar with new tween sessions within a day or two. Imagine waking up excited. You open your email, and it’s flooded with tween inquiries. You smile, and feel proud of yourself for going after a new market.

Just like Lindsey is doing with the course.

Here’s what she says – “Since noon (7 hours ago) I have booked 9 sessions.

Holy cow. You are a marketing genius!”

Valued at: $997

Action Blueprints

These walk you through implementing each step of the Smith Oxytocin Formula,

…so you take action quickly, and start seeing results fast.

And you don’t have to keep referring back to the videos, instead you just follow the direct action steps. No guesswork. 

You feel confident, and get the ball rolling right away, and don’t end up stuck in a trap of indecision.

Like Tanja from Denver says – the course is “Brilliantly spelled out and thorough, easy to understand, compelling!” she says.“ I skimmed through the program Monday…sent marketing Tuesday, and have 18 sessions booked already!”

Valued at: $197

The Done-For-You Suite

This has more than 22 pieces of done-for-you marketing, correspondence, and other templates.

All with the Smith Oxytocin Formula infused in. 

So, you end up spending less time struggling to figure out what to write, and have more time with your friends, family, and just doing things for yourself like journaling, or yoga, or learning new creative photography techniques.

Valued at: $297.

In the Done-For-You Suite, the first thing you get is… 

The Marketing Template Suite

These marketing templates are infused with the Smith Oxytocin Formula. You get social media posts, blog posts, email templates, and more, that you just copy, paste and send.

So you get your marketing out there to be seen quickly and efficiently.

This speeds up the booking process, and you get inquiries and bookings right away.

Just add in your own studio name and contact info, and within minutes your marketing is being seen by ideal clients, and they contact you. 

This happens so quickly, because tween moms understand the high value of your session, and they see your session as a way they can help their tween.

So you attract the right type of inquiries, that value what you do at a much higher level.

Take Maggie from Montana. She uses the marketing templates and says, “I have received 25 new emails and pm’s since 7:30 pm last night…and these aren’t just ‘oh hey that’s a great idea’ messages, they are ALL ‘please add me to your email list I want my daughter to participate’ messages!”

The second part of the Content Suite is:

Psychographic Emotional Trigger Email (PETE for short)

This is where the magic happens, and you set in stone a deeper emotional buy-in from the parents of the tween – Dad included.

That’s because this template sort of “massages out” your client’s personal emotional triggers. 

The first thing this does is creates a “micro-commitment” by the tween parents. They are “buying in” with their time and emotions. The result is a bigger buy-in at the dollar level.

The second thing this does, is raises the perceived value of you, your session, and your products. 

So the parents and the tweens feel like what you do is worth much more than the other sessions they’ve booked with other photographers in the past. This increases your sales and word-of-mouth referrals.

Just take a look at what Sherry’s client emailed her after a tween session:

Her client says, “Yesterday was just wonderful!  McKenna was so happy during the photo shoot and you complimented her and built her up so much….  I swear she was walking about 2 feet off the ground as we left your studio. I can’t wait to see the final product and the pictures…you have already made a difference in McKenna’s outlook on herself. 


The third piece of the Done-For-You Suite is:

The Correspondence Suite

You get Copy & Paste Templates infused with the Smith Oxytocin Formula.

You have the inquiry response, final booking template, what to bring and wear to the session, ordering session scheduling, and ordering reminder templates. You also get the session booster template.

So you quickly move your inquiries into bookings, and bookings into high-dollar sales, and new clients into repeat clients.

You just copy and paste the inquiry response template, add in your own info, and hit send.

The beauty of this template is that, once again, it triggers emotional brain chemicals that lead to buyers.

So you get a high-number of bookings, with just a few clicks of your mouse, each time an inquiry comes in. 

You don’t have to do in-person consultations, unless of course you like doing them, or that’s the system you’ve been using anyways.

You don’t have to spend 27 minutes on the phone with each inquiry. You book over email and save tons of time.

And you use all of the correspondence emails to keep triggering buying brain chemicals, and to set boundaries and expectations with the client.

That means that they know if they can afford you or not upfront. This way you never have a client that ends up feeling price-shock.

Instead, each client walks in the door knowing the value they are getting, and you end up with great sales.

To boot, you use the session booster template, and your tween clients book more sessions with you, like family, high school seniors, and tween sessions for their other kids.

Your business grows exponentially, and you have extra money to buy that 85mm 1.8 lens you’ve been dreaming about, and treat your family to a vacation.

Kerry from Virginia uses all of these correspondence templates, and here’s what she has to say “Loved everything about this session!! Also scored my biggest sale yet! Love this program!”

The next piece of the Done-For-You Suite is:

The Product Template Suite

This includes album, image box and digital product templates, that heighten the parent and tween emotions even after the sale.

You and your business are forever linked to these positive emotions, and every time they look at their images, they’re reminded of the value of what you do.

You stay top of mind, and you book their additional portrait sessions.

Plus, you don’t spend hours in Photoshop designing digital or physical products. You just use the included templates, and tweak them to your taste. 

With everything you’re getting today, you have all that you need to start getting tons of new tween bookings, as many as 9 sessions in as little as a day. 

But, this is just the beginning of what you get with Tween Booking Blueprint.

Because, when you enroll in Tween Booking Blueprint today, you also get a unique Bonus not available anywhere else.

Bonus #1:  Booking Accelerator – No List, No Following, No Problem! ($197 Value)

With this bonus you get an in-depth audio mini-course that lifts your session bookings – this is specially for you if you’re new to your area, have a small or no following, or are less established in your area.

This way if you have no list, and no following on social media, you’re good to go.

This means you get lots of new tween clients, without needing to spend months or even years on growing your social media page or an email list.

And that’s not all.

When you sign-up for Tween Booking Blueprint today, you also get another bonus.

Bonus #2: The VIP Q&A’s (valued at $97)

With this bonus, you get four pre-recorded Q&A’s from past VIP students.

So you get the benefit of in-depth questions and answers, without investing in one-on-one coaching.

You gain a deeper knowledge, as you hear me give one-on-one advice to students.

And here’s another cool thing.

You get one more bonus when you enroll in Tween Booking Blueprint today. 

Bonus #3: Marketing During a Crisis Mini Course (valued at $147)

With this bonus you get a 45-Minute Video Masterclass that communicates to your inquiries why your portrait sessions are of such high value.

The cool thing is, this works even better right now, since a world-event makes parents realize that family needs to be number one. 

In other words, your prospects see that you are helping them be better parents, and bond better with their family. 

This means you get more session bookings overall, NOT just tween sessions, because you create a higher perceived value for every session you offer.

This means prospects realize that what you do is worth a lot, not just what they could pay for a blank 8×10 piece of semi-gloss photo paper.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll continue to include these bonuses, but for today, you get all of them, FREE.

Everything you get today: 

    • The 5-Module Multimedia Course
    • Action Blueprints
    • Marketing Template Suite
    • Psychographic Emotional Trigger Email
    • Correspondence Suite
    • Emotional Trigger Product Templates
    • Booking Accelerator
    • Marketing During a Crisis min-course
    • VIP Q&A’s
    • Tween Booking Blueprint has a total value of $1,932.

So think about it like this:

At $1,932, if all Tween Booking Blueprint did for you was get you one or two new clients, would it be worth it?

I would say… yes, it would be worth it, because depending on your pricing, just one or two sessions is enough to cover your cost of the program.

And even if it doesn’t, these are clients that will REPEATEDLY book sessions with you!

So one new client will turn into 2-6, or even more, new sessions over the years. And the truth is, I’m counting on you to book MANY more than one or two sessions.

And if all Tween Booking Blueprint did for you was give you an extra hour a day with your family, would it be worth it?

Again, I would say… yes, it would be worth it because you can never get back time with your family, especially if your children are young.

And if all Tween Booking Blueprint did for you was give you a step-by-step roadmap to get bookings, would it be worth it?

Again, I would say yes…it would be worth it. That’s because with clarity, you get to focus on just a few things to do, and stop trying to do everything.

You don’t have to spin your wheels trying every type of social media and partner marketing.

And if all Tween Booking Blueprint did for you was make you feel energized and excited go to work in the morning and do what you love, would it be worth it?

And again, I would say… absolutely yes, it would be worth it, because that’s why you became a photographer in the first place – to enjoy and love the work you do, not to feel drained doing work you don’t love.

But, today, when you enroll in Tween Booking Blueprint, it isn’t going to cost you $1,932. It’s not even going to cost you $1,000.

Instead, today, when you sign-up for Tween Booking Blueprint, you get access to everything: 

  • The 5-Module Multimedia Course
  • Action Blueprints
  • Marketing Template Suite
  • Psychographic Emotional Trigger Email
  • Correspondence Suite
  • Emotional Trigger Product Templates
  • Booking Accelerator
  • Marketing During a Crisis min-course
  • VIP Q&A’s

But today, you get everything for just one payment of $495

That’s 74% off and a savings of $1,437

That’s because I want every photographer to be able to afford access to the Smith Oxytocin Connection, no matter what price point they are at right now. 

My goal is for every photographer to be able to book sessions and make MORE money than the course costs right off the bat – whether your average sale is in the hundred of dollars or thousands of dollars.

And here’s the thing…

You don’t even have to say yes today.

 All you have to say is “maybe” – and that’s because you can put the entire Tween Booking Blueprint to the test, risk-free.

You get to try it before you decide.

And when you enroll, your entire investment is backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee

Grab your copy today… go through everything… put it all to the test over the next 60 days, and you’re either thrilled with how much this has changed your bookings, or you can simply send me one email and you’ll get a complete refund of every penny. 

You’re guaranteed to start booking lots of new tween sessions fast, or you get all your money back.

No questions asked. 

Go ahead… Click the button below.

Signup right now.

You’re either going to fill your calendar with tween sessions… or it costs you nothing.

There’s no need for you to continue feeling like you never have enough sessions booked.

There’s no need for you to continue feeling like you’ve tried everything to get more sessions, but you feel like all of the social media posting, Facebook ads and blogging, and all of that extra stuff, just isn’t helping…

…at all

You can change all of that today with Tween Booking Blueprint.

You can start booking tons of new tween sessions in as little as a day or two, and finally feel the freedom of being able to book yourself solid whenever you’d like.

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