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It’s not about getting more seniors booked.

It’s about getting back to your LIFE.

To feeling confident in what you’re doing, instead of feeling unsure if you’ll book anybody by trying 27 different marketing tactics.


It’s about getting back to your kids, and being REALLY present, not just physically there, and then feeling like you should be working.


And getting more senior sessions? Will help you get BACK to that.

Whether you’re buying your son new $200 Nikes, lounging on your deck with the sun hitting your back,

or spending Sunday in fuzzy slippers with your kids in footies just because —

one thing’s for sure:

The secret to getting back to what you love?

Is booking more senior sessions.


You manage to play Candy Land with your kids every now and again, 

You even read your kids a book every night before bed (when you’re not editing, that is).

But there’s just one little problem:

Your calendar isn’t filled with the things you love to do.


The things you thought a photography business would bring you, but only took away.

The freedom to take the day off when your youngest gets sick at daycare.

The freedom to splurge on a Disney Cruise, a REAL vacation finally.

The freedom to enjoy your life.

And while a typical photographers 9-8pm work schedule isn’t a sin?

It isn’t exactly what you thought living the photographer dream would be.


Introducing Seniors NOW:

The complete guide to getting senior sessions booked on auto-pilot, with done-for-your marketing templates and wording proven to get you booked sooner than later.

I’m Lisa Edwards from Photo Bacon, and I created the Seniors NOW program because I know that photographers want an easy to follow game plan and DONE for you templates and wording proven to book clients instead of trying 129 million new marketing techniques.





What’s in the course:

Quick Start Module: Get your autopilot system up and running TODAY

  • A quick lesson on which handful of lessons and templates to get done NOW so you can start getting booked, then maximize your bookings by listening to all of the modules.

  • Quick and Clear Cut Directions, Check-Lists and templates, with what you NEED to know ASAP (without the fluff)


Module 1: Your Winning Strategy

  • The ONLY strategy you need to know to get people booked

  • How to create marketing that works EVERY year, even with the EVER CHANGING senior marketing. Do this? And all you have to do is make small tweaks every year.

  • Why most photographers feel like a plate spinner at a circus trying a million new marketing techniques and relying and them to work. What YOU need to do instead.

  • Your Seniors NOW planner


Module 2: Your Powerful Position

  • The Used Care Salesman vs. Hot Mini Van Mom Magazine Theory

  • How to package your blog and past shoots into a Magazine that everyone will BEG you to be a part of, and place in their businesses (and also dentist, doctor u0026amp; other offices)

  • The ONE piece of marketing I did a few weeks ago that made one upcoming senior say, “Lisa, this is SO AWESOME!” and made coaches and business owners thank me.

  • How to a Magazine Editor without creating extra work (No, this is NOT another business, remember that!)

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Magazine FAQ

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Teen Magazine Email Templates

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Magazine Template u0026amp; Sample of Lisa’s First Issue


Module 3: Your Senior Portrait Magazine

  • Why most senior portrait magazines are just a glorified price list, and how to turn yours in to a sales machine.

  • What you SHOULD include in your magazine, and what you should NOT include (and why your magazine may be slightly different from everybody else’s

  • How to turn a parent or senior concern into a benefit to them (hint: I have an article all about how I create “soft serious” images that aren’t mean, and that parents LOVE.)

  • How to talk about and give your pricing, without causing confusion, and without freaking people out.

  • BONUS: My “Hybrid Model Program” that will give you 10 referrals a la mailing to seniors via snail mail per model – guaranteed. This isn’t required for this program to work, but will give you long-term results on top of this program’s short-term results.

  • DONE-FOR-YOU – Photoshop and InDesign Templates, including wording. Includes an article on serious vs. smiling photos, on whether or not to include sports, pricing page, the 7 step portrait pricing, color vs. black and white images, table of contents, (2) different testimonial pages, “letter to the parent” page, your unique benefit page, what to do next to book page, and more.

  • BONUS Done-For-You – The Hybrid Model Program Contract


Module 4: Your Mousetrap

  • 10 simple mousetraps you can set and forget, so you can get people into your e-mail follow-up sequence (aka, where the MAGIC happens) 

  • How to create and embed your sign-up form onto your website and blog, so you can send seniors and parents a DIFFERENT email sequence (this is SO IMPORTANT, because parents want something completely different than seniors)

  • How to use a “pricing” page on your website for the biggest mousetrap of them all.

  • This simple Facebook trip will save you TONS of time, and give people what they want automatically, even if you’re like me and are SO BAD at checking Facebook messages.


Module 5: Enticing Seniors

  • How to create irresistible marketing that grabs attention and leads people to your different mouse traps (aka, sign up forms)

  • Tutorial on creating “living photographs” out of the images you already have, a technique most seniors haven’t seen before

  • Tutorial on creating “moving text” a la Forever 21’s recent ad campaign

  • How to entice with your Teen Magazine

  • How to entice with your Senior Magazine

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Quiz template, “Who you were in a past life according to your fashion”

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Quiz template, “The location you should ACTUALLY be photographed for your senior portraits”


Module 6: Maximize Bookings with the E-mail Followup. Aka, “the magic”

  • How to create urgency in your emails, so seniors and parents feel like they need to book you NOW or miss out.

  • How to get seniors and parents to know, like and trust you via email, and WITH OUT needing the in-person or on-the-phone consultations.

  • How to get into the minds of your senior parents, and make them think, “wow, she read my mind!”

  • A look behind my copy-writing process for irresistible emails. Even though you’ll get my exact email templates, this lesson will teach you my techniques so you can implement this into EVERY side of your business, including family, children, and even wedding portraits.

  • The 5-Part Email Technique, including the what and the why.

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: My EXACT 5-part email sequence for seniors. You’ll be able to use the exact wording.

  • DONE-FOR-YOU: My EXACT 5-part email sequence for senior parents. You’ll be able to use the exact wording.


Ditch the uncertainty of how to reach seniors.


Booking yourself solid with senior sessions You’ll have immediate access to the entire course once you checkout.

Important: This course will CAP OUT at 173 students due to the word-for-word e-mail u0026amp; quiz templates.

* After it caps out, no more students will be able to join unless we create a new program with new word-for-word templates.



Self Study Course: 

  • IMMEDIATE access to ALL course materials.

  • Bonus Quick Start Module to get up and running in as little time as one day.

  • 10 video lessons with included .mp3 recordings and slides

  • Senior Magazine PSD u0026amp; InDesign Template

  • Teen Magazine Swip File

  • EXACT 5-part email sequence and wording you can copy and paste. For both seniors and senior parents.

  • Seniors Now Planner u0026amp; Worksheets

  • 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Show you did the work, and if you don’t book at least two sessions, get your money back! For more information, please refer to our return policy here.



  • You will have immediate access to the entire course once you checkout. 




Master Course:

  • IMMEDIATE access to ALL course materials.

  • EVERYTHING in the Self-Study Course PLUS

  • Four Group Qu0026amp;A Session

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Show you did the work, and if you don’t book at least two sessions, get your money back! For more information, please refer to our return policy here.



  • You will have immediate access to the entire course once you checkout.