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Sarah Jane: From 0 to 6 figures in 6 months. Create a Booking Blitz, Even if You’re New to Your Area

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This is a customizable/printable excel to do list to help categorize your priorities and your client workflow. Know at a glance where every order is in production and never overlook a single step with this easy to use to do list!


Marketing Ideas Checklist with over 20 marketing ideas:

If you’re ever stuck with where/how to market this business this checklist is the perfect inspiration sheet to keep posted in your office. Start with one, and as you try/test/master each avenue then add to your marketing plan with the next. This list contains everything from mainstream marketing ideas, to relational and networking ideas. Every idea you’ve never thought of to market your business!

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About Sarah Jane:

Sarah Jane is a entrepreneur, wife, mother, and photographer. She’s addicted to espresso and chocolate and is always (ALWAYS) reading at least one fiction novel and one business book.

She’s passionate about curating the life she wants and helping others do the same. Her life/home/studio is far from pinterest-worthy but she works everyday to ensure she can do what she loves and make a living doing it! To Sarah, ‘living your love’ is about doing what you love but doing it well and by the numbers so income is never an issue.

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