Group Coaching with Lisa Edwards

Are you looking to create a photography business that fulfills not just your passion for photography, but also contributes to your household in an incredible way?

Coaching with Lisa will push you FARTHER than you’ve ever thought possible, and won’t just teach you “more information,” but will provide you with the accountability you need to drive yourself forward.

Create a crystal clear, continuous, predictable system for generating bookings all year round, in a way that feels good to YOU and actually gets you to stop feeling anxious about any bookings, so you can really live a life of calm and joy doing what you LOVE.

Use the 6M Profitable Booking Framework to SKYROCKET your business

[M1] Move The Needle and Map It Out

Learn to start focusing on the actions that will really move the “money needle” in your business, and stop focusing on “hamster wheel traps,” so you can skyrocket your profits and bookings without working 24/7 and burning out.

  • Start quickly seeing results by marking down key metrics, so that when things start to grow, you’re excited and super confident, and actually KNOW when it

  • Learn the strategies of exponential growth, so you can focus on the 3 leverage points that improved even slightly, will exponentially grow your business

  • Know the difference between creating a strong FOUNDATION and “just hustling,” and START building your foundation, but know when and WHY to “hustle”

  • Start to trust your own worth and worth of your photography in a way that resonates with you, and gives you the confidence to ask for and get paid what you know deep inside you deserve

  • Get clear on the REAL impact you have (and have already created) in the lives of your clients, and go forward trusting in WHAT you do and believing even MORE in your worth

  • Systematize your mindset in a scientific way so you can get all of the benefits of mindset, and with concrete action steps and science to back it up, so you feel completely CONFIDENT in your value, and have TRUE self worth in belief and what YOU do….and you’re opening yourself up to attracting your EXACT perfect client

[M2] Messaging to make people say “wow, I NEED that, it’s like it was MADE for me”

Get people EXCITED about your photography in a way that gets them pumped to work with you and ONLY you

  • Understand and leverage the REAL reasons your potential clients will book you, and why your past clients have spent with you [hint: they usually don’t even know!], so you can leverage this and attract MORE of the RIGHT clients

  • Create marketing people actually ENJOY and THANK you for, so that they are excited to see your name pop up in their newsfeed or inbox, and get pre-sold on what you offer

  • Discover how to be different in a way that MATTERS to your potential client, so they are drawn to you and what you offer, and can instantly see you as different and the choice to make

  • Craft your unique photography framework from what you’re already doing, so that you can get people to instantly see you as different, unique, and their #1 option despite pricing.

  • Understand your unique story in way that is powerful to your audience, even if you find it hard to see yourself as unique, and gets them to say “oh my gosh, I need to work with her!”

  • Dig in and REALLY understand the depth of your “why” and craft powerful messages that are natural and relate to your target clients

[M3] Magnetize Your Audience

Attract the right clients that aren’t scared away by your pricing, so your inbox is full of not just new, but qualified leads that are excited to pay your premium pricing and book on the spot.

  • Grow (or start) a following of the RIGHT clients who value your unique services and products, so you have an asset to market to and who will love to buy (absolutely no cold calls included!)

  • Discover exactly WHERE to find your ideal clients, HOW to get them to follow you, and WHY they would care about what you offer in the first place

[M4] Marketing – the rubber meets the road

Create a website that magnetizes your target market to YOU – and gets them to raise their hand and say “I’m interested!” instead of immediately clicking away to 10 tabs of other photographers

  • Craft an easy marketing plan that only takes an hour per week to execute using the Continuous Content Method, so you can stop feeling like you’re working another 24/7 job just marketing

  • Craft killer subject lines, social media posts, and other content that isn’t just “more information,” but actually SELLS FOR you, withoutu them even knowing.

  • Learn how to subconsciously pull your audience TOWARd you with your marketing in a subtle way that gets them pre-sold on your business, and makes them start thinking about booking you before you even ask for the booking

  • Know the exact game plan including days/times/where/when/who/what/how, and use the 80/20 rule to do 20% of the work and get 80% of the marketing results

[M5] Muscle – Build your year-round booking muscle

Know how to create a killer marketing campaign that creates buzz, momentum, and creates urgency for your ideal client to book you NOW instead of later – so you can stop worrying about where your next bookings will come from

  • The exact system for running ANY highly successful booking campaign – be that a high-end session, mini session, personal project, or model call –

  • Know how to charge your full price consistently, as well as when to, and when NOT to offer promotions, discounts, bonuses and giveaways – so you can keep your brand integrity, while also taking advantage of other tools when you want to.

  • Know exactly what to say when on the phone or in an email to drastically increase your conversion

  • How to increase the chance someone who “ghosted” you will come back and book you with a simple and non-salesy technique

[M6] Money

The simple psychology technique that will get people to bump up to your next package, without needing to raise your prices

  • How to craft a price list that gets you to your income goals, and persuades people on its own to spend more with you, so you get higher sales without feeling pushy or salesly

  • Exactly step-by-step how to hold an IPS session, or virtual IPS session, in a way that pre-sells people on what you offer, so you can make a great sale without feeling awkward

  • How to transition into IPS sessions if your past customers have never heard of it, and still make great sales despite your old pricing


  • A huge advantage in your business by being able to communicate WHY you’re different in a way that MATTERS to your target client

  • A business with based on a FOUNDATION of charging full price, with the ability to use the “hustle” strategy only when needed yet in the RIGHT

  • An audience of your perfect client that absolutely loves and VALUES what you do and how you do it, and is eager to book YOU.

  • Mastery in the 3 levers of your business so you can create compound growth by focusing in on what REALLY moves the needle

    A year-long game-plan that maps out EXACTLY what you’ll be doing to hit and reach your goals, and never leaves you guessing with what to do next.

What’s included?

During this 90-Day Intensive Program, you’ll be led through my 6M Profitable Booking Framework so you can start to create the thriving photography business you deserve.

  • 12 Live Training/Group Coaching calls to get hot seat coaching and guidance on YOUR specific business

    6 Downloadable Modules with more than 18 lessons that deep dive and guide you through ever step of the recipe for creating your profitable consistent bookings

    Unlimited Email Support: get in MY inbox and get questions answered whenever you need help

    Messaging, Copy, Webpage Review (and more!): Get my eyes on YOUR marketing so you can feel confident you’re creating the marketing impact you desire

BONUS #1: Marketing Vault

  • 6 EXACT marketing campaigns including all messaging you can use and deploy

BONUS #2: Client u0026amp; Inquiry Email Templates

  • The exact emails I use in my business to increase not only bookings, but sales, client preparation, and MORE, so that I’m never leaving money on the table or leaving clients confused.

BONUS #3: Free Access to These Products:

  • The Profitable Mini Session Formula, Tween Booking Blueprint, The Booked Solid Summit, The 6 Figure Year Summit, Snap Edit, Lead Machine Mini Course

What’s it all worth?

  • PBI Modules = $4,997

  • Extra courses = $1,149

  • Coaching = $2,997

  • Extra Bonuses = $1,997

Total value of Profit Booking Intensive = $11,140

What’s the Investment?

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