Last minute, EMERGENCY zoom summit interview - the red circle is where I sat to achieve the next photo.
Me looking professional, prepared, and organized.

Look Good on Zoom

Setup Your Dedicated Zoom Space – 20 Minute Virtual 1-on-1 – $49

  • Be received as professional for a job interview, during your workplace meetings, and digital “Happy Hour,” even if your home is a mess from your kids being home 24/7.
  • Curate your “zoom square resume” by not just what you include, but what you exclude. (HINT: while a blank wall is better than a kitchen full of crusty dishes, it doesn’t say anything about you!)
  • Create your 5-minute setup: No more cleaning and testing for an hour before your next professional meeting. Set it up once, then in 5 minutes or less hook your laptop up each time and be done.
  • Have a complete zoom room, zoom corner or even mobile zoom setup that makes your square POP – even if your home is “boring” and not professionally decorated, you live in a studio apartment, or your roommates are messy (be that kids, your significant other, or YOU!)
  • Ditch the zoom glasses glare – your glasses don’t have to be a sheen of white or an exact replica of the screen. I have simple tweeks to ditch the glare, without taking your glasses off or removing the lenses.
My at-home Zoom Setup at the Kitchen Table. Cost? $9.97 for grocery store flowers, and 2 minutes to clean off my table

Hey there! I’m Lisa Edwards, professional photographer and 3-time virtual summit host using zoom. I’ve done more than 49 interviews on zoom, I’ve seen what does and doesn’t work, and what makes even the most sought after professionals look amateur and unqualified.

As a photographer, I can quickly help you look not just your best, but your most professional by using the web cam, lighting, and environment you have.  Often it’s not about how good or bad the location seems to look, it’s about what you include, exclude, move around, lighting, and camera position.

Are you a busy parent with 3 kids? Not to worry!