Do you ever feel like there are SO many things you could be doing in marketing to attract inquiries, that it you are in a circle of indecision, a paralysis like that of the blue-ringed octopus?

Are you even trying to make MOST of these things work….SEO, facebook posts, facebook ads, facebook GROUPS, email newsletters, lead magnets, google adwords, blogging?

Yet you’re STILL not getting the quality inquiries and bookings on your calendar?

I was in that exact same situation a few years back, but I FINALLY realized there were just 5 things I needed to be focusing on to not just get MORE leads, but BETTER leads that valued what I was doing and weren’t scared away by my pricing.

In this mini class, I’m breaking down EXACTLY what you need to be focusing on to create a consistent flow of new leads, so you can be on your way to doubling your bookings.

You’ll discover:

  • The #1 HIDDEN trap that’s subconsciously sabotaging your efforts and is  driving your ideal target clients AWAY! How to flip that 180 degrees so you’re pulling the right inquiries TOWARDS you, instead of price shoppers.

  • How to hook people on YOU and your business and get them to ask you more, whether you’re posting online, popping an email back to somebody, or are riding in the elevator. THIS will make people intrigued and wanting to know more about YOU, and you’ll never feel like you’re shoving business cards down everybody’s throat.

  • Exactly how to craft messaging that hits home on their REAL desires [hint: not what they SAY is their desires] that they feel like you’re reading their mind and GET them, that you are SO clearly different than the rest that you are the ONLY option for them.

  • My high-impact formula for creating ANY and ALL marketing and communication that grabs attention and gets people to fall in love with YOU and your photography, so you can create bookings nonstop.

  • An exact step-by-step plan laid out for the next month of your marketing, that you can execute in 1 hour per week or less.

[Day 1] Lead Machine

NOTE: The video is slightly lower quality during the first few minutes, but it gets resolved for the rest!

[Day 2] Lead Machine

 [Day 3] Lead Machine

[Day 4] Lead Machine

[Day 5] Lead Machine

View screenshots of material critiqued at this link.