I love your work, but I just can’t justify the price.

Have you ever had someone say (or infer) to you that they absolutely LOVE what you do…

…But they just can’t justify the price?

Or maybe that’s how you sometimes feel when you’re in a “funk.”

Like YOU wouldn’t ever spend that much on photography, why would someone else?

I call this the False Logic Loop.

When the emotional high is gone, nobody has logic to fall back on.

…Like the Conference Hangover that happens after you’re so inspired to raise your prices or that you’re “worth it” and then plummet in the days that follow with logic that goes against what you KNOW is the truth (you ARE worth it, and you SHOULD raise your prices!).

Listen to this quick 5 minute audio I made explaining all of this:

Does that resonate with you?

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It that takes you through the steps you need to start communicating to your clients why what you do is so valuable.

It magnetizes inquiries and bookings towards you, and of people who are ALREADY pre-sold on the value of what they do before they inquire…


But this is NOT merely about marketing with emotion…

This program is completely different…

It also teaches how to market with LOGIC…

And it teaches how to market to a deep DESIRE they have, which will give you MUCH more emotion and logic pull…

That’s why this program is different.



A deep desire, emotion AND logic must be in play if you want your marketing to work for you.

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Lisa “deep desire, emotion AND logic” Edwards


It’s funny, isn’t it?

We’re all taught to market with emotion.

That people buy with emotion, not logic.

And yes, it IS true that emotions drive purchases!

However, people must ALSO be able to justify their purchases with logic.

The wife needs her husband on board.

Buyers remorse happens after the emotional edge is gone.

This isn’t just my opinion, either.

A toastmasters web page I came across drives this point HARD.

A recent medium article confirms it with neuroscience.

Marketing and selling with emotion alone will never be nearly as powerful as Emotion + Logic.


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