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I’m Lisa Edwards, and I want to congratulate YOU for taking action and taking steps toward the business and life you dream of!

Maybe you want MORE bookings year-round. Or you have parts of the year where you are “dead” and others where you are booked solid. Maybe you have all of the bookings you want but feel overwhelmed, overworked and under paid. Maybe you’re more established and the things that worked before just aren’t working any more.  No matter your situation, I’m here to be your guide and lead you where you want go!

Be sure to bring a pen and paper to our call!

Cheers to YOU taking action!

Lisa Edwards


What our Clients Say:

“I sent out my first email at noon today and I have allotted 12 sessions for this. Since noon (7 hours ago), I have gotten 27 inquiries w/ info about their kids and booked 9 sessions. Holy cow. You are a marketing genius (and I thought I was pretty good, but I have got nothing on your skills!).”

~Lindsey S.


“This has been an amazing boom to my business. The best part about this is that it hardly feels like marketing!”

~Beth M.


“I had 16 email inquiries after my initial marketing went live! And booked officially 10 people! I am beyond

thankful for you! I am carrying these sessions out over the next 2 weeks”