Why I’m using Quizzes [gag me] for senior marketing, and why seniors go crazy over these.

I know what you’re doing right now.

Rolling those eyes, thinking “quizzes are SO STUPID!”

I couldn’t agree more!

But in the past few weeks, I’ve done TWO QUIZZES!

Seriously, I kid you not.

And they were completely lame. One of them was something like, “which historical figure were you in your past life” or something like that.


Here’s the thing.

Quizzes work.



Why do you think seventeen magazine do quizzes?


A quick search on their website reveals this:

  • Quiz: Can You Tell Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Apart?

  • Which Runway Hair Trend Should You Try?

  • What’s Your Style Star Personality?

  • Pick Your First-Day-of-School Outfit!

  • Take quizzes to find your perfect skincare routine, which hot celeb guy you should date, what your college major should be, who matches your style star personality, and much more!


Can you seriously GAG ME with those quiz topics?

But what I think doesn’t matter. Because I’m not the senior. So I have to let go of my own opinion, and roll with what’s proven to work.

So I’m going to call out the senior portrait industry right here, right NOW.

Why the heck are we NOT doing the marketing tactics of the PROVEN other industries that are thriving with high school seniors, like seventeen magazine?

Why are we focusing on just throwing a crap-ton of content onto snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, without ACTUALLY using the strategies these places have proven?

I’m pointing the finger at myself too, actually. Why have I looked at other senior photographers in hopes of grasping a tiny marketing magic bullet, instead of looking OUTSIDE of the industry?

Well, that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing now.

So back to the quizzes.

The thing is, they aren’t JUST popular with teens – they are one of the biggest “lead magnets” in the online marketing industry, parenting industry, adult dating industries!

Let me ask you – did you do that fun facebook “word board” thingamajig facebook came out with 6 months ago or so? Where it took all of the words you use on your facebook page, and made it into a fun collage?

I did, and I SHARED it, and told my own little story about those words on my page!

Here’s the jist of it:

You have your fun 5 minutes of the quiz, you share your ridiculous/funny/fun/ “haha” moment on your facebook or Instagram page, and then oh yeah, you had to put your email address in to get a little extra – the “full report,” etc.

How I’m using this RIGHT NOW in my senior business:

I’m creating a quiz, “What your style says about who you were in a past life.”

It will have 10 fun/hysterical questions, with 4 possible results. They’ll get their result, which OF COURSE has example photos from past shoots I’ve done, they’ll be asked to share their results, then if they give me their email address they’ll get my bonus style inspiration pdf and senior magazine.

Are you IN for trying a quiz?

If so – be sure to sign-up for the Seniors NOW program at the pre-launch price of $197, where you’ll get my entire survey including title, questions, my list of resources for the software I’m using, etc.

What’s this pre-launch thingy you speak of?

  • Welp, the price is going to be $497 when I do the official “launch” in a month or so.

  • So you’re going to get it for $197 until the class start date of May 26th.

  • Basically, you’re going to get the behind-the-scenes of exactly what I’m doing right now, and what’s working and what isn’t.

  • You’ll see the results of me testing different offers like different quizzes – to see what surveys they WILL do, and which they won’t

  • You’ll get my word-for-word marketing scripts (and if you have ever taken one of my classes you know this stuff works)

  • My marketing and ad copy

  • My EXACT senior magazine including wording that you will use to entice seniors and moms onto your email list and social media, etc. (check out yesterday’s post where I walk you through my entire senior magazine.

  • BONUS: Purchase by 5/20 and get all of my high school senior email templates – from the inquiry, to booking, to preparing them for the ordering session, to session pickup, to all of those “tough” questions, like “can I just get the digitals?”


>>>Signup now for the Seniors NOW pre-launch at $197 <<<


If you’re having trouble getting into the senior market in your area, or are unhappy with how many seniors you have been getting, or are DONE with senior model programs, then this is for you.


I’ll show you how to use the strategies the thriving teen markets are already using – from magazines to clothing company’s, we’ll go over it.


What this WON’T be is 20 different marketing tricks you can do for “exposure.”

Because getting a list of 20 things you can be doing is crap.

NOBODY has time for that.

You need to focus on 3 things.


You need to focus on at most, THREE things to do to market your seniors, and you need to KILL IT at those three things.

Because blogging just to “blog,” posting to Instagram just to get “seen,” and heck, yes even throwing a quiz out there for “fun exposure” is going to get you exactly nowhere.

You must understand the strategy behind the tactic, you must be getting seniors into your email list, in order to succeed.

Because likes? And comments? And even SHARES?

Is nothing into your bank account.

And what I want for you?

Is to book two senior sessions every week. Period. Two of your session fee’s in your bank account each and every week, plus your average sale when they come in to order, of course.

So what are you going to do?

Are you going to keep what you’ve always done with lackluster results, or follow a marketing program that uses the strategies of the top teen industries by doing things like quizzes?

>>>Signup now for the Seniors NOW pre-launch at $197 <<<


Lisa “quiz queen” Edwards

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