Where the frosting meets the cupcake [Cash + Freedom FINALE!]

The Fourth part of this hugely useful series (yes modesty isn’t a strong suit for me) covers one of THE most important keys to putting your incredible ideas (or stealing one of mine) into action and making a profit from it.

Now to be fair, I could have shared this at the beginning but you know what they say…save the best for last…also they say patience is a virtue…so wait “just” a little longer so I can recap the first three days:

On day one we talked about the need for sessions this time of year (quit your burger-flipin thoughts!

On day two I showed you the crazy idea generator for unique (and profitable) sessions.

On day three I gave you a technique for deciding if your idea was right – if it was for the right people who could (and would be willing to) pay for your idea.

Day four is all about how to move your idea into action.

It’s about creating an offer with a plentiful target market, talking to them in the RIGHT way, and crafting the perfect ratio of creative + traditional. Of wacky + normal. Of insanely brilliant + just plain beautiful.


Introducing the Mouthwatering Mini Session + Creative Kicker

You’re going to get my framework for how and why I do this in the next few paragraphs.

But honestly? I have SO MUCH MORE to share with you – my exact strategy for putting a 6k Mini Session in action this diabolically slooooooow late Winter/Spring.

So for those of you who want advanced information, sign up for my Free Master Class event happening next week here. You’ll get to steal my “Celebrate Mother’s” session + kicker idea if you’d like, or just use your own idea around the same framework. More on this at the end of the email.


What on planet earth is Mouthwatering Mini Session + Creative Kicker?

Well, my friend, I’m so glad you asked.

It’s a creative idea, a wacky idea, an idea SO FUN and/or SO UNIQUE that people want to do it.

However, it’s just a small, tiny little portion of the session. The last 3-5 minutes of a 15 minute mini-session.

Wait a minute…stop the train LISA! Why wouldn’t I create something crazy/creative/wacky out of the whole session?


Why in the yellow-snow are you trying to stifle my creativity!

So here’s the thing.

People WANT creative.

People come to YOU because you ARE creative.

But when it comes to opening their pocketbooks and parting with their cash?

More times than not, they’ll spend much, much more on the simply beautiful portraits.

I know this from experience.

In my past years’ senior model programs some seniors get a “themed” session that happens during my slow season.

Moms LOVE these! The seniors LOVE these! But they only ever buy a few.

Sure, you could argue that that might be because they just had a senior session 6 months prior.

But it isn’t just with my senior models – it’s with my family sessions, it’s with my tween sessions. The pattern is all the same.

Moms want to buy gifts -> Higher-ticket gifts go to grandparents -> Grandparents like smiles and prettiness and “traditional”

So here it is, and what would one of MY emails be without another math equation?!?

10 Minutes of “pretty,” + “5 minutes of crazy wackiness” = Your Mouth Watering Session + Creative Kicker

You want examples now, don’t you?

You want to know how you can put your Crazy Wacky Mini Session idea into a bonafide marketing-mayhem and make boats of money in weekend, don’t you?

Well I ALSO want to share this with you!

I have seen far, far, FAR too many of my colleagues and even past classmates either quit photography or run themselves ragged with a “$150 Here’s EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink” mini session.

And I hate it – I hate seeing them struggle.

I hate it because they are amazing photographers. I hate it because I know the hours and hours they are spending, and that they deserve to have the money to pay off their credit card, they deserve to make a real living doing something that they love.

I hate it because (deep gulp because this is a scary thing to say) some of them are better photographers than me particularly at kids and newborns, and I feel a tinge of guilt, because they should be making as much if not more than I am.

OK – back to the sarcastic, a bit egotistical photobacon-a-licous (not to be confused with “Fer-ga-licous”) Lisa you’ve all grown to love despite the somewhat annoying tone she uses.

To make things even more fantastic and to continue this winning streak that we have unleashed over the past three weeks, I am teaching you some of my best methods to kick serious money-making photographer ASS in a 60-minute time-frame.

Sign Up for the Master Class “5 Steps to a 6K Winter Weekend – The Exact Path to Book Celebrate Mother’s Mini Sessions.”

  • You’ll learn to how to create an irresistible offer to pull in 6K this winter, an offer that will make even the most self-conscious mom look past those “extra 20 pounds of baby weight” and feel she needs to book this mini session NOW (not for her, for her kids)!

  • You will understand why most mini sessions fail to pull in more than $150 a pop each (and why yours should be more like $450, even up to $900). And no, I’m absolutely NOT suggesting in-person sales for mini sessions.

  • You’ll discover the 3 Psychological Triggers that Make Moms Buy (and how to use this to create both good-will AND sales)

Sign up for this absolutely fantastic, life-changing and business transforming series at this link.

>>> Sign Up For the Free Master Class Here <<<

Cheers to a 6K Winter Weekend!

Lisa Edwards

P.S. “Master Class” is my fancy way of trying to make “webinar” sound less boring and snore-worthy…what do you think, maybe I should change it to “Ass-Kicking Class?” Your comments and thoughts greatly appreciated.

P.P.S. When you click this link about the Master Class – what do you think about my head shot? I was debating use this “nice” one or one of me holding a Photoshopped platter of bacon in my hand with a “surprised” look…too much? Yes, no?

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