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I promise not to ramble in this blog post as I do some times with random thoughts – your time is valuable.

I wanted to share a quick tip I learned in college as part of a “Magazine Writing” course I took. We had to break into groups and the entire semester work on a mock magazine, from planning out 6 months worth of issues, to figuring out demographics, what makes us different, etc.

In comes the Media Kit.

The media kit will tell you everything you need to know about age/sex/circulation/pricing for advertising.


The BEST part?

It includes an “editorial calendar.”

The editorial calendar is a tool magazines use to get advertisers to commit. It lists the name of each monthly issue, the types of articles that will be IN that issue, sometimes even the exact titles of the articles, all so that advertisers can choose what issues align best with heir brand.


What that means for us:

Do YOU have millions of dollars for market research into teens?


And neither do I. But magazines? They might not have the millions to fund the research, but they have the funds to buy the market research from the research company that probably spent millions.


Take a look into Seventeen Magazine’s media kit HERE. 


This is what it tells me:

Fashion matters.

So does COLLEGE, paying for college, and the Freshman 15.

Teens want customized info – like “how to work the best swimsuit for your body.” So writing in this categorical way will work.


You can literally take one of their topics or bullet points, create a blog post or video, and almost insure it will be successful – since they’ve already done the research.

Here’s that editorial calendar link again.


Are you IN for marketing to seniors in a new way, a way like the magazines do? 

If so – be sure to sign-up for the Seniors NOW program at the pre-launch price of $197.

What’s this pre-launch thingy you speak of?

  • Welp, the price is going to be $497 when I do the official “launch” in a month or so.

  • So you’re going to get it for $197 until the class start date of May 26th.

  • Basically, you’re going to get the behind-the-scenes of exactly what I’m doing right now, and what’s working and what isn’t.

  • You’ll see the results of me testing different offers like different quizzes – to see what surveys they WILL do, and which they won’t

  • You’ll get my word-for-word marketing scripts (and if you have ever taken one of my classes you know this stuff works)

  • My marketing and ad copy

  • My EXACT senior magazine including wording that you will use to entice seniors and moms onto your email list and social media, etc. (check out yesterday’s post where I walk you through my entire senior magazine.

  • BONUS: Purchase by 5/20 and get all of my high school senior email templates – from the inquiry, to booking, to preparing them for the ordering session, to session pickup, to all of those “tough” questions, like “can I just get the digitals?”


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