[What Mermaids, a Mediocre Motor Lodge and Piano Pat taught me about getting booked instead of overlooked]

 My husband and I a few years ago at our FAVORITE destination...it's a motor lodge, and here's WHY...
My husband and I a few years ago at our FAVORITE destination…it’s a motor lodge, and here’s WHY…

***This is the written version of the Facebook Live you can watch here.

No bedbugs.

But not extraordinary.

They don’t call us by name

We don’t get champagne for our anniversary…

And it’s more expensive than a nicer hotel with the hotwire hot deal.


AND there’s dated wallpaper…but oh, how I LOVE the dated wallpaper 🙂


So why are my husband and I planning our third trip to stay at this motor lodge / bar / casino for our 8th anniversary?


What I’ll share with you can make a BIG impact in your photo business….


It is….

Mermaids and Piano Pat 🙂


The tiki lounge attached to the motor lodge has a window to the swimming pool, and every evening their are human mermaids swimming.


AND “Piano Pat,” a 71-year-old women who sings Black-Hole-Sun and Sweet Caroline to her electric organ.


It’s a hoot…a blast…Me and my husband love it 🙂


FYI this isn’t just about “creating something unique” and grabbing quick attention for the win…not at all.


This is a big concept.

Not the mermaids or Piano Pat.

But the concept BEHIND it.


And it’s not just about finding a “Schtick” or “something crazy.”

Which is where most not just photographers and business owners go WRONG.


A one-off publicity stunt will grab attention for 3 seconds and then people will think “haha! That’s cheesy…let’s keep-on drivin!”


This is something BIGGER.


And there’s much more nuance to it all.


Most people (myself about a year ago) would say –


OK – so the point is to find a schick…get those weird arm-bobble men that the car-lots use….

…or get a kid to dress up in a camera costume and spin a sign…



I must be getting old if a college-human is now a “kid.”




You can see me imitate the bobble-arm-things at about the 5 min mark here


Bobble-arm and sign-spinners are so very “used-car-salesman.”

And I don’t want you to be like a used car salesman (or women too).


I want you to be like the Mermaids and Piano Pat 🙂


You see – they are NOT a schtick.

They’re entertainment.


And you can’t just pay to see them –

You see them as part of being a patron of the hotel and/or bar.


And that’s where people get it WRONG.

So very, very wrong.


It would be a terrible business model to have people pay to see a stand-alone tank with mermaids and Piano Pat Playing.


Not very profitable.

That would be like trying to create a new circus with one act, and expect people to pay.


The REAL money is made on the back-end.

The drinks sold.

The rooms occupied.


Nobody pays the mermaids or piano pat (except for tips of course).

But the bar and hotel pay them.

And the bar and hotel are very much rewarded…


Have you ever heard the saying “People come in for the sports car and leave with the station wagon?”


Same thing here.


People come in for Piano Pat and the Mermaids, and leave with a big bar tab and rooms rented.

MUCH more than they would make off two circus tickets 🙂


So how can YOU become the Piano Pat & Mermaids – without becoming like a used car salesman and still keeping your dignity?


Everyone’s telling you “BE UNIQUE” and “BE DIFFERENT” but how do you do that without hiring the 3-armed man and bearded lady for a quick and unprofitable win?


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