Watch me murder my senior marketing program…For GOOD this time!

Dear Sr. Model Program:

I’d like to say it’s me not you. But that would be a lie.


I’m going to kill you off, dear senior model, FOR GOOD this time!

…wait, isn’t that what I said LAST time?

The last time, when there I was, 5 months pregnant, 2 parent/junior class meetings per night with 10-20 people per meeting…

Boasting about myself.

Feeling like a sleazy slimeball.

Getting them to sign model contracts pay me $80-$550 dollars to join the program.

SURE they were getting a lot of cool stuff.

Free sessions.

Free hair and makeup.


And there I was, shouting free, feeling nervous, self-conscious, MASSIVELY PREGNANT.

And there they were, so excited.

But, I knew something they didn’t know.

I knew that some of them would sign-up.

Even pay me the $550 to go toward their senior portraits.

But I also knew, they didn’t know my full pricing.

They didn’t know that my average sale is $1,340.

That some of those that spent $550, no matter HOW MUCH I educated them before the ordering session, would come to order and say they were in “shock,”

Make me feel like a rip-off,

Then post a scathing facebook review about how I’m a “bait-and-switch.”

(PS, that’s a true story…I did get her to remove the review, though, or maybe it was from my 100 bazillion request for facebook to remove it)


The saddest part about it?

I kinda knew what she was talking about…


I DID promise her the world on a silver platter, didn’t disclose my full price list, and then…


There she was, feeling like she went into the local furniture store for the $300 recliner, only to be told, “oh, I’m sorry, we don’t actually keep those in stock, can I offer you a $1,200 one?”

Sort of like, “oh, I’m sorry, yes, you can buy a package at $397, but you basically get…NOTHING! MUAHAHAHAHA!”

I could blame the client.

OK, so for a while, I DID blame the client. But, no more.

So, here is why I’m murdering my senior model program:

It gave me the bad rap of being salesy, high-pressure, and bait-and-switch.


And, gosh darn it, you should never do something that makes you feel smiley (with the exception of jello shots in college…I hope my mom is not reading this).

So what am I doing INSTEAD of this senior model program? And SO LATE in the year?

I call it Seniors NOW.

Because if you’re like me this year and didn’t DO a senior model program (or did one with lackluster results,


Then you can’t wait any longer to get booked, without having a panic attack because oh my gosh everyone else is going to book them and oh no I haven’t posted to facebook for 2 months (more like 5) and everyone has forgotten about you and it’s like you don’t exist anymore and there are 20 new photographers in your area right down the block from you and….






Seniors NOW is your anti-anxiety.

It’s NOT a senior model program, because you aren’t doing salesy in person meetings to get models, and you AREN’T relying on the unpredictable seniors to refer you.

It’s deceptively simple, yet nobody is doing it.

It’s a ⅓ senior model program (but not really) with ⅓ email marketing, ⅓ instagram marketing, and ⅓ facebook marketing…

…wait, that’s 4/3. CRAP!

OK, you get the point.


Explain it to me better, YO!

Seniors NOW is a ridiculously simple way of booking seniors right away without feeling salesy, without hiding pricing, without doing senior & parent meetings, and without relying on high school seniors to pass out senior rep cards, and without doing a new session/contest every month to keep seniors interested.

Instead, it relies on hitting the heartstrings of moms and the fashionista side of senior girls to make them feel they need YOU, and they need to book you NOW. It uses the exact same storytelling copy I’ve been using these past few years, but


Minus the roid rage…and zits, of course.

It uses the same strategies internet marketers use to drive sales to, well, courses just like THIS! How do you think I got YOU on this email list ;P


For the PRESALE price of $197 (seriously, this will be starting at least at $497 when I do the full launch)

  • EXACT email scripts for marketing, facebook copy (for the moms), Instagram copy (for the seniors) If you’ve taken one of my courses before, you know how GOOD the email and marketing copy is.

  • My Senior Magazine (seriously guys, people are selling JUST their senior magazine for $350 these days)

  • How to create a website that is geared toward senior girls, but doesn’t SCARE THE HELL AWAY senior boys – or parents, for that matter (hint: this is so freaking simple you will cry)

  • Course Workbook

  • BONUS: when you purchase by May 19th, you’ll get ALL of my senior emails. From the inquiry, to the pre-session, all the way even AFTER the session.


Class starts THURSDAY, May 26th, and you’ll be able to start booking sessions just a few days later.


Watch my super awkward, non scripted video of my senior magazine walk-through and rambling about more of what is in the course:



Are ya in, or what?

>>>Join Now, or Forever Hold Your CURRENT Senior Model Program<<<


Cheers to Jello shots in college,

Lisa “I’m from Butte, I can hold my liquor, in fact in college the frat boys applauded my keg stands, yet now 3 beers gives me a massive hangover and I can no longer move,” Edwards

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