True or False: If a Pillow can change your life, so can Photography

I was watching TV on my elephant-enormous Vizio TV, and the My Pillow infomercial came up.

“My Pillow changed my life,” said one of the people.

I rolled my eyes and jizzled my head, then became 3-year-old curious as to how they would attempt to make me believe a pillow could bring my life a transformer-like change.

The more they smile-talked, the more I nodded my head gently in agreement.

They were right in a way that made me stop feeling like a sucker… better sleep can literally Because they slowly brought in evidence that the My Pillow creates better sleep.

And that better sleep can transform your life, because less sickness, less stress, better relationships because you aren’t snapping like a twig every time your 7-year-old leaves out the milk before school and your husband doesn’t bother to put it away.

The marketing message?

Is based on simple algebra.

Let me explain:

If A = B, and B=C, THEN A = C

If My Pillow (A) = better sleep (B)

and better sleep (B) = a better life (C)

THEN My Pillow (A) = a better life (C).

I realized this was EXACTLY like photography. The actual piece of paper the photo is printed on can’t change lives.

The “A” doesn’t. It’s just the thing.

But you know what can?

The (B)’s:

Self confidence in a tween who just wants to be like everyone else.

A mom feeling confident and beautiful after having 3 kids and finally being OK with her stretch marks.

Being reminded why you sacrifice your Saturday’s for your kids basketball games. Remembering that honeymoon phase of love and passion on your wedding day.

Being jolted back to the memory of playing blackjack with your grandfather as a 7-year-old, even now after he’s been gone for 5 months.

Finally feeling GRATITUDE in the tiny things when you’ve had a bad year, changes lives.

“MY photography changes lives” NEEDS to be a belief you instill into yourself.

Do me a favor – comment back with YOUR equation filled out. Don’t aim for perfection – aim for speed.

My example:

My Who I Am Tween Session (A)= unshakeable confidence in a tween girl (B)

Unshakeable confidence in a tween girl (B) = a better life (C) (belief in herself gives her confidence to make good decisions instead of trying to be like the rest of the crowd)

THEREFORE: Who I Am Tween Sessions (A) change lives (C).

Comment back with YOUR equation – I’ll share my favorite responses in an email next week!

(FORMAT) If A = B, and B=C, THEN A = C

“My __________ photo session (A) = _______________(B)

(B)____________________ = __________________ ©

THEREFORE, My ______________photo session (A) = __________________(C)”


Lisa Edwards

P.S. You’ll see the A,B,C equation everywhere once you’re looking. And, you’ll notice sometimes people forget the B, and skip right over to A=C.

They skip right over to “my product changes lives,” without EXPLAINING “B.”

That’s when you’ll notice yourself rolling your eyes.

That’s why you yourself might be afraid to say that your photography creates so much change. Because you haven’t yet explained the “B.”

Don’t skip the B.

Don’t forget to reply back with YOUR filled out equation.

Reply back now.

“My __________ photo session (A) = _______________(B)

(B)____________________ = __________________ ©

THEREFORE, My ______________photo session (A) = __________________(C)”

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