The BIGGEST turnoff is talking about yourself in your about page! Seriously STOP IT!

Ridiculous! You’re thinking.

What’s an about page, without ABOUT ME!

Maybe you feel like throwing your old D90 backup camera at me (you don’t like it anyway), or feel like crumpling up that post-it-note and shooting it through your Starbucks straw (don’t do that…you’ll forget whatever is on that note!)

Either way – just hear me out.

PLEASE…just hear me out.

Prospective clients don’t actually care about you.


Yes. Contrary to what you’re hearing in the photo marketing world, talking about yourself isn’t going to make people want to book you.

Because they don’t care you love sushi, or that you have 3 kids, or that you’re religious at going to the sip-n-paint events.

People only care about what benefits them.

Does what you ate for lunch benefit them?

Does your 3 kids and $1,500 daycare bill benefit them?

Does you getting tipsy and splattering paint on a canvas benefit them?


I know what you’re thinking.

But all the talking heads say I should show my personality!

But I thought people like to spend money with people they are similar to!

But I looked at YOUR about page and you talk about coffee and dogs and kids!


Yes, many talking heads are telling you to show your personality, because yes, people like to spend money with people they are similar to. And yes, I talk about food and kids on SOME of my about pages.


The problem is when all you do is talk about yourself.

Let me sum up what you need to be doing instead:

People want to know about you, and how that helps THEM.


So you’ve got three kids…SWEET! Me too!

Talk about it in your family portrait and kids session “about” pages. But please, oh please do not boast about this in your senior website’s “about” page.

And yes, I have different websites for different markets PRECISELY for the reason of using language that relates. Because high school seniors don’t give a shit how emotionally attached you are to your kids.


And don’t just say, “I have 3 kids!” Instead tell them how that HELPS them.

Example: “I have 3 kids of my own, so I understand how busy life gets, and how nerve-wracking it can be to take your kids to family photos. Will they fight the entire time? Will they break the equipment? Will they make me look like a bad mom? I get it…because I feel the same way when we go get our own family photos taken!”


Have a senior website and have no FREAKING IDEA what is even going on in their brains and how you even relate? I get it, I am the exact SAME WAY!


So the first two pages of the about page are about THEM and how they are about as ordinary as a pair of Jimmy Chu’s at Payless (you see how I did NOT use the word “you are unique” in my marketing?)


Basically, my senior website takes the entire “you are unique. You  are independent. You are a rebel” cliche crap everyone is saying, and instead uses real, tangible and relatable words.


Because telling somebody “we will capture how independent and unique you are – we will tell your story,” is entirely different than showing them with words.



“Maybe you’ve been playing softball since age 6.

Maybe you’ve spent the last 17 years of your life going to your Grandma’s house after school on Wednesdays – because she insists.

Maybe your closet is full of strappy dresses and higher-than-high-heels, yet you somehow wind up in your skinny jeans, black tank and flip flops 90% of the time.

Maybe your purse is full of Milk Duds and 10 pairs of Aviators.”


Can I get a HELL YEAH?

OK. So here’s the dealio my friend.

I will workshop YOUR about page for the price of buying be me lunch.


For $19 (price going up to $79 after 40 people sign up), I will visit your about page, rip it to shreds then help build it up with my suggestions, and record all of that in a 5-10 minute screen-captured video.

You just have to promise me you won’t cry (unless it’s tears of happiness because you’ve been “working on” your about page for the past 17 months!)

This is PERFECT for those of you who are stumped on what the hell to say, and how your love of Cheetos can help other people!

I’m only taking on the first 40 people to take me up on this, after that it’s going to it’s regular price of $79.


>>> Purchase the Irresistible About Page Here <<<


Cheers to stop being so damn self-centric in your about page!

Lisa “I’ve never even bought a pair of Jimmy Chu’s” Edwards

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