The 3 Tweaks That Completely Flipped Everything I THOUGHT I Knew About My Photography Business

Some of these may sound so simple.

So obvious.

Because, well, they are.

Chances are at least one (if not ALL) of them will be things that have been right in front of you for years.

But you just haven’t noticed.

Sort of like how it is being a photographer vs. a customer –

WE see the things…the long eyelashes, the way a husband smiles at his wife, the way the peeling paint on the 100-year-old-building shows texture in the golden hour.

And our customers applaud us for seeing the things that have been in front of them all along.


These are the best things.

Because they’re simple, not complicated.

They just make sense.

They are beautiful in their simplicity.

They are timeless.


I’ll warn you – this blog post is about very  “high-level” strategies and ways of looking at things. Not specific tactics like post 3x/day on facebook.


That being said, I won’t leave you hanging on how to implement – I’ll be pointing you in the right direction to free resources, to the speakers, educators, industry leaders who have the specific steps and how-to’s you’ll want to follow-up on.


Thing #1: Resentment of clients and even yourself is often due to lack of boundaries and systems.

A simple way to put that into place.



Thing #2: Marketing isn’t one big lump “thing” or “activity.” It’s broken down into 4 specific stages with defined lines. If you do them out of order, or skip one, results will be disappointing.

The 4 stages in order, and how to “do it right.”


Thing #3: When we can’t get past fear of doing “the thing” we know we need to do, we will not take action. Without action, knowledge is useless.

How to get past our fears of what others will think of our pricing, of reaching out to that vendor or clothing boutique, of getting past “I’m not good enough.”


To sum it all up – how you think about your business can drastically change a LOT of things.

  • How much action you take
  • How happy you are in your business
  • How many clients you get
  • And much, much more.

We’d LOVE to have you signup to watch the free classes mentioned during the 6 Figure Year Online Event for portrait and wedding photographers.

You can do so at this link.

Hope to “see” you there!



Lisa Edwards

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