[5 Min Read] Get S**T Done for the Time Starved

If you feel like a monkey flailing around at the circus while using not just his hand but his feet to catch whatever banana he can get, then you’re not alone.

It’s THAT time of year for many photographers. That wonderfully busy yet overwhelming time of year that leaves us feeling burned out.

But unlike the monkey, we only have two hands to work with, plus blogging, shooting, and oh yeah, what about family time?

So today I’m answering a reader’s question directly on how to streamline/focus/fit everything in. This simple technique will take just 10 minutes per day. Then on Tuesday I’m going to give you another 5 minute quickie including the EXACT technique I use to save at least 2 hours per week.

Neither of these take much time, or cost any money.

So today I want to share with you how to get S*it done when you’re starved for time.

It is deceptively simple, which is WHY it works.


Get Important S*it Done for the Time Starved

Get-er-done in 15 minutes or less per day.

*****If you have questions about the steps below, you can watch the facebook live video explaining it all at this link.


Step 1: Answer these 2 questions


What do I want to have/be/do?

(ex: stop feeling overwhelmed)


To make it happen I would need to:

(ex: Work 5 less hours per week)


Step 2: Set aside 15 minutes at the beginning of every day to do one quickie step.

Rule: You must make sure these are “baby steps” that take no more than 10-15 minutes. If you really get into a task and want to move on to doing the next day’s steps, then fine. But make sure every day when you look at what you need to do, you feel like it will be a piece of cake and will be quick, even if it’s something you don’t feel like doing.


Today’s step:

(ex: Write down how long every task takes me to do.)


Tomorrow’s step:

(ex: Pick one item and find links to 3 blog posts on how to get faster at that. If I can’t find good articles, post in 3 photographer facebook groups asking people how they get this task done quickly)


Steps the Next Day:

(ex: Read all 3 blog posts and type notes of the best tips – extend to tomorrow if this takes too long)


Step 3: Keep adding on and completing action steps.


Step 4: How to make sure you actually DO this, and don’t flake out.


The only way to ACTUALLY do this every day, is to STOP relying on sheer willpower or motivation.


Because if you have to “find that word document” in your sea of 193 files on your desktop? You won’t do this. You just won’t. Trust me – I’ve been there.


Here’s how I get-er-done even with lack of motivation.


Step 1: Create a google document

Copy and paste Step 1 and Step 2 into that document. This becomes your worksheet. Hell, just doing THIS should be your action step for the day.

Or better yet, I’ve already created a google document for you! Just click this link to get it. *****SUPER IMPORTANT: you will not be able to edit his, you will have to click at the top right “make a copy” first!


Step 2: Copy and paste the link to your google document into your calendar for tomorrow at the beginning of your photography work day.


On your document, click “share,” then click “get sharable link.”


Copy that link, and paste it into a 15 minute time slot at the beginning of tomorrow’s photo work day on your calendar (I use google calendar, but this will work with any online calendar). Title it “15 Minutes” or “if you don’t click me you will be BURNED OUT” or something else that gets your attention.


Now you’ll be able to easily just go to your calendar and click to your worksheet from no matter where you are – your desktop, in line at starbucks and on your phone, etc.


Step 3: Make this recurring for you every work day.


And voila! You now have a system for spending 5-15 minutes per day getting what you need to get DONE.


So that’s the process for getting any and ALL s*it done even when you’re time starved.

I’m SURE you want a specific (and again, QUICK) tactic you can start using, like, yesterday.

So keep an eye out in your inbox on Tuesday for the specific tactic I use to save 2+ hours per week


*****If you have questions about the steps below, you can watch the facebook live video explaining it all at this link.

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