[Part 1 of 3] Hip-Hop Music Business Lessons for Photographers – I only came for the cake


Ok…maybe “yo” was too much, but I wanted to stick with a hip-hop theme here…I don’t even know if people SAY “yo” anymore…

Anywhoo –

I didn’t come here to party…

I didn’t come here to stay…

I came to leave with somebody…

I only came for the CAKE!


If you’re sitting here thinking, “has this chick gone mad,” that’s OK.

Because while I was blasting this hip-hop song on my stereo today while driving, I had an epiphany.

EPIPHANY #1: “HUH! It’s “cake,” not “KEG!”

That’s right, this song first brought me back to those high-school days where keggers in the woods was a “thing,” and so was beat-up pick-up trucks with lifted tires, sitting on the tailgate, and “keg pushups” (different then keg-stands, I found out, while in college when people looked at my like I was crazy when I wanted to have them hold my feet PARALLEL to the ground while I legit did push ups, rather than being completely upside-down….but enough of the visual)


EPIPHANY #2: DANG, Flo Rida & 99 Percent are SMART business people, this song could be the title of a business book! “I Only Came for the Cake: 3 business concepts that will change your life”

You’re probably sitting their puzzled…and I promise, all of your questions are going to be answered about this song and why it’s SO GREAT!

Ok, so we’ve established this song has THREE business lessons in it. So let’s get started on those:

Smart Business Man Flo Rida Lesson #1: Know what your “cake” is.

First, what the heck is CAKE?

It took me a while to figure out what he meant by cake too…especially because I thought it was “keg” first.

So here’s my definition:

CAKE: The REAL reason and motivation behind your actions…

You go to your niece’s piano recital not to hear the music, but to support her and be a good Aunt.


You go to a Super Bowl party not to watch the game (OK…some of you do, but not me…), but to have fun with friends.


People go to Church to be saved, not for the church service (I’m a pastor’s kid…I’m allowed to say this one…and in fact my kids go for the “kids message” because they always get sugar-high on candy crosses and cake pops)

You go to a business open house for the CAKE!

For Flo? (ok, now I’m acting like we’re best buds…we’re not…obviously…but if we were? I would call him Flo…)

For Flo, his “cake” is “leaving with somebody,” and no, I will not paint a picture here…because I’m sure he just means going for a long walk on the beach…not the drink.

So what’s YOUR “c-c-c-c-c-c—-c-c-c-c-c-c—-c-c-c-c-c-c—–c-c-c-c—-CAKE?”

What is the END GOAL of your photography business?


Is it REALLY to have more clients?


Is it REALLY to take photos?


Is it REALLY to make money?



So then…what is it?

What is the REAL “cake” of photography businesses?


I want you to THINK about it…Honestly, just THINKING about it is going to be very insightful.


And I’ll give you the answer tomorrow, when I reveal the #2 business less we can learn from this song…and YES people may have different answers, but 90% of you are going to have the same cake…


If you so desire, click reply and tell me what you THINK the “cake” of a portrait/wedding photography business is. Or, click here and post your response in our facebook group dedicated to the business of photography.



Lisa Edwards


P.S. I’m still unclear as to why the music video has children dancing around during part of it, then scantily clad women in other parts…


…then…the CRAZIEST part of all is when Mr. Flo hands out gold bars and people start biting them….I was TOTALLY surprised for this one…


Watch the video here.


P.P.S. Want to continue the photography business conversation with us? Join the Facebook group and see what other people think the “cake” will be!

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