“I’m not getting the important stuff DONE!” 3 Easy Steps to Make Massive Progress NOW and Stop Bingeing on Information.

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~,

Have you ever thought,

“I’m not getting the IMPORTANT stuff DONE!”


“UGH I feel overwhelmed…i have so many marketing ideas and goals and I just went to Imaging and watched a Creative Live and went to this online event thing and…and…and…..


Dude…I totally get it.

And the truth is?

Most of the time we actually don’t need MORE information than we have in our brain already.

Pretty ironic, since I’m giving you more information right here, am I right? BUT I’m trying to help you get through the info you already have 😉

I have a super quick, short 3 steps to getting this done listed below.

You can also join the Facebook group and watch the video I did with more specific examples here.

3 Simple Steps to Making Massive Progress Now, and Stop Hoarding More Information.

Step 1: Choose 3-5 Goals or Desires.

DON’T make this more difficult than it has to be. We don’t need to do the “smart goals” thing here, although that can always benefit. Aim for QUICK not PERFECTION.

Ideas could be to start finally being consistent on social media, to start booking tween sessions, or to finally get your new website up and running. Income goals can also work.

You can also just choose the ONE thing you KNOW you should be doing (and want to do) that will grow your business. For example, a really great friend of mine recently said to me, “You told me to start my email list like 3 or 4 years ago…I’m finally doing it, and seeing how much I’ve been missing out.”

Step 2: For each of your goals, create the next tiny and physical action step you can do that takes less than 5 minutes to do.

This comes from the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. What he means by next PHYSICAL action step, is that you need a VERB associated with it. 

For example, if my goal is to start my email list, step 1 would be to open google drive and create a new google sheet with first name, last name, email and notes. 

My FAVORITE way to do this, which is inspired by Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Workweek Dream Line, is to create a google document and have different bolded sections “Today, tomorrow, Next Day, Day after That,” and put the first 2-5 minute action step of each category under today, then the next action step on tomorrow, and so forth.

I go over two examples in more complete detail, breaking it down to 5-10 steps that over the course of a week or two can get you massive results, you can watch here. I also talk about what to do when you have a TON of education, whether free or paid, that you’re trying to implement.

Step 3: Set your timer for 15-30 minutes EVERY DAY first thing in the morning to complete your baby action steps.

***You MUST make this a NON NEGOTIABLE, and turn off your devices, close out of your browsers, etc. If your baby step has to do with social media, then write it in a separate document and don’t go on social media until your post is ready to copy and paste!

Basically, spend NO MORE than 2-5 minutes during this time on each step.

It’s important you don’t go overboard and end up spending 30 minutes to an hour on some of these. 

WHY, you ask, should I stop when I’m feeling inspired and have momentum?

Because you will stop trusting yourself.

You will stop beleiving that all it takes is 5 minutes a day on each goal, or 15-30 minutes per day for them all.

Instead, you’ll stop doing this morning exercise because you “don’t have time for it and must get all of your culling and editing done.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think implementing 15-30 minutes per day, or even 5 minutes on your #1 goal for that matter, can change your life and your business?

I’d love to have you join the conversation about this in the Facebook group at this link, as well as watch me break down two big goals over a two week period, and see what an impact that can have.

Watch here (you’ll have to request to join the group first):

I would LOVE to hear back from you to hear if this information is helpful, and if so, what your biggest takeaway is, and what your #1 goal, desire, or THING you know you want to get done IS!


Lisa Edwards

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