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I love your work, but I just can’t justify the price.

Have you ever had someone say (or infer) to you that they absolutely LOVE what you do…

…But they just can’t justify the price?

Or maybe that’s how you sometimes feel when you’re in a “funk.”

Like YOU wouldn’t ever spend that much on photography, why would someone else?

I call this the False Logic Loop.

When the emotional high is gone, nobody has logic to fall back on.

…Like the Conference Hangover that happens.

Inspired and feeling like you’re totally worth it and should raise prices one day.

Then a few days after the conference your mood plummets because you’re giving yourself false outside logic that goes AGAINST what you know is the truth…

The truth being that you ARE worth it, and you SHOULD raise your prices (or feel confident in what your prices are now).

Listen to this quick 5 minute audio I made explaining all of this:

Does that resonate with you?

Then you’ll LOVE this Manifesto (free and written on this web page)

It that takes you through the steps you need to start communicating to your clients why what you do is so valuable.


But NOT merely with emotion..

Also with logic.


BOTH emotion AND logic must be in play if you want your marketing to work for you.

Check it out at this link.

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