Fly paper and dog vommit – REAL life…i’m kinda embarassed ;)

Try not to judge the toys strewn about my house…(it’s actually often way worse!)

…or the fly tape still hanging from last July…

…or the mess of papers in piles on the dining room table that we bought 18 months ago and finally felt like we are “adults” because we got rid of the small square 50’s blue table we found in a basement…

This is real life!

  Above: What you'll see during the free      6 Figure Year Online Event
Above: What you’ll see during the free 6 Figure Year Online Event
Above: “Real Life.” Fly tape, dog vomit and all 🙂

But, it’s “behind-the-scenes.”

You see, today I couldn’t record one of the final 6 Figure Year Online [free] event classes in my studio with my guest (Andrew know, the one and only “Fundy!”).

I moved my studio, and the internet hasn’t been hooked up yet.

So I had to improvise and figure out a place at home…near a window, without street noise, simple backdrop without clutter/piles of Lego (fun fact, multiple pieces of Lego are still Lego – no “s” added…though here’s a fun argument about it).


The REAL point here is that appearances are just that: appearances.

Shoot – normally I’m in a hoodie without makeup on with my glasses (that’s how I am right now actually while I write this).

And behind every seemingly polished person, business, household, EVERYthing, is “the fly tape.”

The not-so-glamorous.


And the problem is this:

When you’re on the internet…browsing Facebook, Instagram, etc, what you’re seeing is a highly curated collection of what people WANT you to think they are.




Messy hair don’t care (hm…maybe they do care).

And that?

Is a recipe for feeling like dog vomit (there was literally dog vomit on my staircase because I was in too much of a rush to clean it up this morning…so there’s that…it’s cleaned up now 🙂

One of the most important things I’ve learned over the past few months, especially from the 6 Figure Year Speakers, is to stop looking at people’s top .05%.

The .05% “everything is perfect.”

The .05% highlight reel of their lives.

Because honestly?

Your .05% highlight reel is JUST as good.

One of the first classes on Day 1 of the 6 Figure Year is Ben Hartley – and he’s talking ALL about getting past that type of thing, PLUS other things like fear…of pricing, of standing out, of doing the thing(s) you know you SHOULD be doing to get further in your business (but aren’t).

Because it’s REALLY hard to do anything.

Especially anything “new,” if you think you’ll never be able to get anywhere close to the success of people you’re seeing online.


Next time you start to think that way, just imagine my fly tape, dog vomit household (that once the kids get home from daycare/school is much, much worse).


Lisa Edwards.


P.S. Why haven’t we taken the fly tape down?!? It’s much like “ad fatigue.” Basically, once you’re seen something for a long time, you don’t even notice it even more. So for us, the fly tape was up last summer, and by the time late September hit, we forgot it even existed.

P.P.S. Do me a favor. If you haven’t already, go on and signup for the free 6 Figure Year Online Event (we just announced 5 brand new classes on top of the other 14) at this link. There is SO MUCH value.

I may be biased – as I am the creator. But I gotta say. The information I’ve learned from these speakers includes a LOT of things I haven’t heard before, or are a completely fresh look on a topic I HAVE heard. I’ve had many “aha” moments…and I’m like an online course/blog post/audioble book nerd.

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