FINAL Facebook Experiment Results for Photographers: Did I get Inquiries/Bookings?

The ONLY thing that matters when it comes to social media is…

…wait for it…


AKA, will you make more money if you post consistently to social media?

The two week Facebook Experiment is done – the results are in, and they’re both surprising yet very logical at the same time.

The short video series below is going to show you my exact results, as I rip apart my website leads, facebook message leads, website traffic, search engine rankings, Instagram posts, and more.

The videos are each short – between 4 and 13 minutes each (though most of them are more around the 4-6 minute length). There’s even a quick summary at the end.

But first, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to get caught up by reading the past info in this series.

#1: I should be out of business [SERIOUSLY]

#2: Don’t be fooled: Your seemingly BAD facebook posts are probably your BEST ones for results.

Part 3 in this series: The final facebook / social media report.

Video #1: Does time of day matter when it comes to social media success?

Video #2: Do photos, videos, or link shares work best?

Video #3: Watch as I rip apart the success of my Instagram posts


Video #4: How does social media affect my website traffic?

Video #5: Does social media affect my SEO rankings?

Video #6: THE most important – did I get inquiries? Did I get booked?

Video #7: Quick Summary


Next Action Steps:

1. ALWAYS make sure you post your website link in EVERY post, preferably “above the fold,” aka, above the “view more” area.

2. ONCE PER WEEK (at least) write a blog post, even a 2-image blog post with 1 paragraph, and post that link to your facebook page for OPTIMAL clicks to website. (click here to download the guide on your success with blog posts)

3. Make sure google analytic is installed on your website.

4. Compare your facebook posting vs. website traffic vs. inquiries and bookings to see for yourself if social media is boosting your bookings.

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