How I Create Irresistible Messaging for Social Media and Beyond, and Get People to Look Forward to my Marketing

Are you stuck with a blank screen, trying to write photo captions, email marketing, and blog posts that grab hearts and minds and get people excited to work with YOU?

I’m going to share with you HOW I come up with marketing messages that engage, captivate, and turn into leads (and ultimately sessions).

AND I’ll share one of my favorite most recent pieces of content with you. 

***NOTE: If you prefer video, I just went live and taught this exact lesson in an 8 minute video on Facebook. Check it out at this link.

Prior to the 3 Steps

Before I can share with you the three steps, it’s important to mention that there are two main reasons people will not just stop once to view your social post or read your content, but to keep on coming back for more. To become super-engagers with your content.

2 Reasons People Become Super-Engagers, Super-Fans, and Ultimately Buyers:

  • ONE: You give them “aha” moments and insights into their lives.

In other words, your content is different from the rest, and you are making them think about things in new ways. 

They will think to themselves, “Huh, I never really thought of it that way,” and “wow, that is so simple, but so true.”

  • TWO: You make their lives better. You make them smile, laugh, FEEL, even notice little things.

In a world where a lot of social media either feels negative, or promotes jealousy and feeling like everyone else is ahead of you – THIS is where you can truly shine and be a beacon of positivity.

Posting a photo of the perfect family and saying how perfect they are and how all of your clients are perfect doesn’t really make anyone feel better.

Posting a family (or other) photo where you talk about REAL life, how it REALLY is, yet how we can all relate, laugh about it, and a family can have a beautiful photo even after the diaper explosion just happened at the same time as a 3-year-old meltdown? 

That’s the real deal.

OK – I actually pretty much wrote an ENTIRE email above without getting to the MAIN content. So I’ll keep it short here, and you can watch the Facebook Live to get more details on these steps.

3 Steps + Script to Irresistible Messaging that turns Likes into Leads into Sessions

I’ll give you the three steps below, as well as one of my FAVORITE posts I recently created.

  • ONE: Write down a cliche that relates to photography.

Memories that last a lifetime anybody? Capturing moments forever anybody? 

  • TWO: Find a brain-tingling analogy

Get inspiration from reading books, watching TV, or daily life. 

  • THREE: Freewrite for 10 to 15 minutes on how that analogy relates to your cliche.

That’s write! Set a timer, don’t judge yourself, and just BRAIN VOMIT baby! By the end of your time, you’ll have interesting insights, aha moments, and something real and UNIQUE to say to your audience to surprise, delight, and get the engagement going!

Here are the 3 concepts in action:

***Note – this is just one of the 101 marketing templates you can grab, use, and paste as a social media post as your own – all for under 50 cents each. Find out more about Sixty Second Social at this link.

[Copy & Paste Template #26 of 101]

“They say food tastes 10x better when you slow down.

Pause a little,

…and savor every bite.

So then, this is true in LIFE.

Where each day is a feast,

Each hour a dish,

Each moment a bite – meant to be savored.

Enjoyed at a slower pace, paying attention to the nuances…

And just like a meal?

A moment can be frozen in time – saved for enjoyment later on.

Tell me, are your days and moments like eating at McDonald’s?

Rushed, uninspiring, and on an assembly line?

Or are your days and moments like dining at a 5-star restaurant?

Spontaneous, savored, and enjoyed with good company?

You get to choose.

Choose savoring over speed.

And relish in the moment even after it has passed with photography.”

// End Copy and Paste Content 

These are the types of posts that give people aha moments.

Gives them something to brighten their day.

Gives them food for thought on how a small change can improve daily living.


How photography can help bridge that gap, if even a little.

Check out Sixty Second Social, which has 101 copy and paste pieces of content, as WELL as another document with fill in the blank templates.

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Lisa “turnin’ cliches into magnetizing messaging” Edwards

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