Change the conversation from pricing to value [90 second video]

Today I was chatting with Matt Hoaglin and I had an “aha” moment…

…He made a statement that was subtle, but this subtle tweak in your business can truly change how inquiries and clients talk to you.

“I don’t want people to come into my business with the whole discussion based on price,” Matt said. “It’s just about being creative with how the conversation starts”

Watch the rest of this 90 second (yes seconds not minutes) to see what he’s talking about.


This is just a short excerpt from his Master Class Interview that will be live during our free online summit “The 6 Figure Year” coming in January 2018…

…These 90 seconds were so good I just couldn’t keep them to myself 🙂


Check out more about Matt Hoaglin here.

He and his wife have more than 300 photography clients each year, and also teach and mentor other photographers.

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