Become Immune to Internet Low-Ballers

If you are a photographer, you’re likely being “Internet Low-Balled.”

If you are a mid-priced photographer, you are being “Internet Low-Balled.”

If you are a higher volume, low priced photographer and have even one photographer in your area that is cheaper, you are being “Internet Low-Balled.”

If you are the least expensive photographer in your area, you are still being “Low-Balled” by the “I’ll do it for free” friend or relative.

The higher the price, the more the “Internet Low-Balling.”

If you are a “boutique” higher priced photographer, you are being “Internet Low-Balled” the most!

The only type of photographer who is NOT being “Internet Low-Balled?”

I’ll reveal that to you in a minute…

But first…

What IS being “Internet Low-Balled?”

It’s walking into Bed, Bath and Beyond, seeing the perfect apple-corer-peeler-slicer contraption, then finding it on Google, Amazon or Ebay for 20% less and with free shipping.

And we feel SMART.

We feel SAVVY.

We tell our husband and friends and maybe even Facebook what a good deal we got!

Then it hits us like a ton of elephants…people are doing the same thing to us, to our photography business!

They are looking at our website, asking for our prices, then GOOGLING TO FIND IT CHEAPER!

And when they find a photographer with a similar style but a lesser price?

THEY feel smart…

THEY feel savvy…

THEY tell their husband and friends and maybe even Facebook what a good deal they got!

I mean once I started thinking about it this way…

I kind of decided I couldn’t blame them for doing it.

I could no longer be angry at Internet Low-Ballers, because I had become one.

So it got me thinking…

How could I ditch the Internet Low-Ballers, and instead become “Price Shopper Immune?”

And that’s the focus of my new Master Class, “Price Shopper Immune: Ditch “Internet Low-Ballers,” and use the same ‘Sweetie Marketing’ that Grew the 1888-1898 Photography Market by 1.5 Million Customers”

It’s absolutely free, and COMPLETELY brand-spankin new, and happening this Thursday and Friday!

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The BEST part? 

I’ll not only be sharing with you how I’ve done this with my business, but literally how the photography industry dramatically changed between 1888-1898 because of these EXACT same timeless marketing strategies.

Here are just a few of the deets of “Become Price Shopper Immune

The Centurion Campaign Secret (1888): 

Become THE go to choice and ditch “Internet Low Ballers” by being “Anti Price Comparable.” You’ll be tweaking your session into something people can’t just Google and compare based on price. This will transform your business into being “uncopyable.” Hint: your competitors are NOT doing this, and I’ve NEVER seen it anywhere else in the industry thus far!

The War-Time Campaign Secret (1944):

Skyrocket inquiries by winning the hearts and minds of your potential customer by using the After-Shock System to market to what they truly desire (HINT: the actual photo products aren’t what they truly desire!) This is a GAME CHANGER, and will completely change the way you approach ALL of your marketing.

The Chicago World’s Fair Campaign Secret (1893): 

Become recognized in your area by using the Ripple Effect Method to create buzz in your community and desire for your session – without resorting to free sessions or flash sales.

Peak interest and get people asking you more info when you generate provocative marketing by using The Cliche Flip to transform cliches like “memories to last a lifetime” into powerful, emotional marketing

Book a higher percentage of inquiries by reducing inquiry “ghosters” down to nearly zero with the Invisible Objection Messaging Method, and never worry about hearing “you’re too expensive” again.

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