Baked into a Babies Brain – why we’re all wired for THIS kind of marketing

After culling through 3,659 mini session images, I realized my cheeks were sore.

That’s strange, I thought.


It took me all of 2 seconds to realize what was happening.

Ever time saw a photo of a kid smiling, I would smile too!


And I aint no special gosh darn snowflake…chances are you’re the same.


You see a smile, you smile back.

Simple as that.


There’s actual science behind this as well –


Here it is BRIEFLY…


Psychoanalyst Donal Winnicott was the guy that figured out the “social smile” of a baby.


That our FIRST emotional action as a baby, is to smile back at our mother.


It teaches us that our OWN joy and happiness INCREASE when we make Joy and HAPPINESS in the others!


And, there’s evidence showing that the mother-baby bond absolutely SKYROCKETS when this “smile exchange” thing starts happening.


And what marketers have realized, is it’s in our brain to “GIFT HAPPINESS”


(I call this “The Smiling Baby Trigger,” by the way)


“Gift Happiness…Ditch the pitch. Instead, start an energy exchange. Create content that reminds us of our own capacity for excitement, happiness and vivacity so we want to share in it with others.”

– Google Think Insights,


Now, the thing is, big-name companies and marketers know how to actually use this as part of their marketing plan.


Sans the babies of course.


But they know HOW to “gift happiness” in their marketing.


It’s why some things get shared and go viral, and others don’t.


It’s how to get seen WITHOUT the click bait, without a negative message.


And in fact, this is one of the 3 Psychological Pillars of marketing to moms.


Because moms are who BUY from you…


I’ll be diving deeper into this pillar of marketing


during this free masterclass.


I’ll give you concrete examples (including my exact wording) on how I use this powerful concept.


It’s free, and called: 5 Steps to a 6K Weekend using the Flop-Proof Mini Session Formula


You’ll not ONLY discover The 3 psychological strategies behind what makes moms buy, and more importantly, how you can create a mini-session to give them exactly what they want.


But also:

  • How to create a truly compelling reason for people to book by creating something irresistible using the Concept Kicker Method.

  • Why most mini sessions fail to book enough clients and make enough money and why my Flop-Proof Formula won’t “give away the farm,” but instead leave mom saying “that was incredible” and investing in a great sale.


  • Why Moms are THE most lucrative target for your marketing, and how to quickly and effectively book any mini session a mom would purchase – family, children, mom & me, and more. This does NOT work for a mini session a mom would NOT purchase

  • Get your mini session marketing to go viral with the Smiling Baby Trigger Hint: this is baked into our brains when we are born! No need to be a newborn photographer.

  • How to pull in 6k over a single weekend any time of year, WITHOUT in-person sales, and without selling your soul screaming “50% off canvases!”

  • “How to skin a cat 4 different ways” The exact numbers and strategies behind easily pulling in $6,000 in one weekend from mini sessions.

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Lisa “lets make positive marketing the NORM!” Edwards


P.S. Want CONCRETE examples of The Smiling Baby Trigger in action? I’ll give my specific verbage (plus what NOT to do) during this free master class.

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