[5MiFri] He told me my gift is NOT photography…or at least that’s what it felt like



What I heard was half mind-blowing, a quarter skepticism and a quarter disappointment.

What do you MEAN….you mean…

Everything I’ve worked for these past 10 years…

…my “passion…”

It’s not even true?

Those were my thoughts last week.

What coursed through my blood started with shock…utter disappointment…then a mountain of relief, because it all made sense.

Here’s what he said:


“You’re able to loose skills, but you’ll never lose your gift”…Tony Robbins paraphrased from a “Find Your True Gifts” audio.

Ok. You’re sitting there like, “dang, Lisa, he didn’t tell you that you SUCK as a photographer…what’s the big deal?”


You’re EXACTLY right.

This isn’t a negative email.

This is a POSITIVE one.


Let’s do an exercise, try it I dare (all of my Nonstop Booking System Students are smiling right how 😉 )

Close your eyes.

Now think about what would happen if all of the sudden your eyesight was taken away from you.


You woke up tomorrow, and you couldn’t see.

All at once you feel like your passion, your LIFE, everything you’ve worked so HARD for – your PHOTOGRAPHY, it’s been taken away from you.

You’re sad.


Pissed the HELL OFF.

Now what if you realized…photography is a “skill.”

The ability to use depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, HECK even the rule of thirds, creative lighting techniques and posing?

That’s a skill…

SURE some people learn it faster.

SURE some people have more of a “knack” for it…


But the talent?
The GIFT you or they have is none of the above….


TRUST me… (because damn…posing wasn’t ever one of my gifts…I had to LEARN THAT SHIT and watch…and BUY… every freakin’ Bambi Cantrell and Sue Bryce Creative Live EVER).

…the GIFT Is something different entirely…

It’s the gift of one of thee below (or NONE, maybe something different entirely):


  • Making women feel comfortable in their own skin and relating to them

  • Being an amazing storyteller (of….history, of romance of MYSTERY of….you name it)

  • Being a creator of new conceptual ideas

  • Being able to make people realize that what they have in life is already AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL

  • Being able to show technology and businesses as relatable (commercial photography, anybody?)

  • Being empathetic


Do you understand how YOUR gift is so much more than photography?


That your skill of photography is a “means to an end” to explore and SHARE your real gift?


Maybe that you were drawn to photography not because of aperture, shutter speed and ISO (unless your gift is understanding technology), but you were drawn to photography, because it helps you express your REAL gift?


Hit reply and tell me: what is your REAL gift(s)?



Lisa Edwards


P.S. You might be reading this thinking…WTH? Your LAST blog post was about psychology and science…and this week is all freaking in the clouds…SERIOUSLY?




Because one of my gifts is helping people see just how amazing, beautiful, and FULL their life’s already are…


BOTH with my photography business, AND with Photo Bacon.


And it took my “non-guru” guru (watch the Netflix documentary, you’ll understand) Tony Robbins to understand that.

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