[5-Minute Quickie] Two Magical Words to Make You VALUED more.

I’m starting a “Friday Quickie” email that will go out weekly.


These will be extremely short, to the point e-mails with an easy-to-implement tip, so that you can spend more time with your family.


It’s the fastest way for you to learn punchy information, without having to spend hours reading blog posts.


Sound good?


[5-Minute Quickie] Two Words to Make VALUED more.


We’ve all heard the “show the benefits, not the features,” thingamajig. It’s a sales technique that makes people understand WHY people should buy.


For example, if someone was trying to sell me a pair of heels, they might say “ruby red heels with micro-padding.” And I’m like…who cares, right? The micro-padding is there to add a level of comfort, so they should EXPLAIN that to me by giving the benefit.


So the feature is the micro-padding, but the BENEFIT would be all-day comfort, so that I can look good and feel comfortable.


But implementing this tactic?


Well, it has ALWAYS been a challenge, until recently.


So here’s the most diabolically quick way to make any product, session, heck, even your ABOUT page have more value!


You say, “so that.”


Do all of your portrait sessions come with a pre-consultation? Great.


So while you’re probably saying, “A week before your portrait session, we’ll meet up for 15 minutes and plan your session.”


You’re missing why they should even care. They’re probably thinking, “why do I have to waste my time doing an extra meeting for this?”


We need to add the “so that.”


“A week before your portrait session, we’ll meet up for 15 minutes and plan your session

SO THAT I can make sure I know exactly what you want in your portraits, and so we can plan locations and gather any props we need ahead of time.”


Do you ONLY photograph families and children during the day, and exclude evenings?

The “so that” method can turn your seemingly negative into a positive.


“Sessions are 9am-4pm, so that children are in their best mood and on their best behavior. I actually suggest earlier in the morning, such as 9 am, since kids just had a full-night’s rest. It’s amazing how much better behaved they are in the mornings!”


Now how about your products. What features do they have that add value?


If an album has 20 images, what is the “so that?”

Is it so that they can look back at their family story for generations to come, and laugh and giggle at all of their silly memories?

Is it so they can easily take their album with them and show it off to friends and family?


So I think I’m about out of my 5 minutes, so let’s go ahead and end here.


[Hit reply] in the comments and tell me if you do/don’t like the idea of the “Friday Quickie”, so I know if this is the type of information you want.

And while you’re at it, reply in the comments with any tough “so that’s” you can’t think of an answer for.

30 thoughts on “[5-Minute Quickie] Two Magical Words to Make You VALUED more.”

  1. Wow…I really like this Friday Quickie idea. The "So That" is awesome. I’d really like to hear how to use that tactic on a client who feels there is no need for an in person sales appointment (I call it call it a viewing and ordering appointment.) Since all they want are digital files.

  2. I would like the Friday Quickies! And adding "so that" makes so much sense! I could use some help with the "so that" for full sessions (as opposed to mini sessions).

  3. Friday Quickies are great idea so that we can all learn and grow in our business. This didn’t take much time to read which is great so that I can get back to implementing this right now! Who knew that some so powerful could be as simple as two little words? Good stuff!

  4. Yes, Friday Quickie’s are the best. Often I get overloaded with information and I just put it off for a time when I can spend more than 5 minutes reading and going over the information. But, lets be honest, that usually never happens. The Friday Quickies are the perfect bit sized information that I can easily read and take into my business. Thank you!

  5. Really, really good advice! I am implementing it right away! My biggest issue is getting people to order at the Ordering Session. I also feel like they feel rushed or that it is a sales tactic, when I have learned, through experience, that it is in their best interest to make the decisions then. So how can I use "so that" to explain that? When you come in to view your beautiful images, I will help you choose the perfect photos and products, so that you can start enjoying them sooner, than later!
    I’d love your suggestion on how to handle this, so that I can help my customers to close the sale!!

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