[5 Minute Photography Pricing Calculator] So you can stop pulling your hair out.

Today’s super-charged, super-quick lesson is all about spending just 5 minutes to get your pricing set.

And all you need?

Is to put two numbers into the calculator (excel document), and it will spit out how many sessions you need, at what average, and what your middle package should be.

You’ll be able to choose between high-volume, mid-volume, and low-volume boutique options as well.

And there’s a bonus “Burger Flipper Calculator” that is going to tell you if you are making more than everyone at McDonald’s.

Watch the Quickie 5-minute video here:

Get your 5 Minute Pricing Calculator Here:


Reply to me in the comments or an email – what’s the most interesting thing YOU found out about your numbers after popping them into the calculator? Are your goals much closer than you thought? Or are you actually making LESS per hour than you thought?

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