[5 Min Read] Chained to your computer? I’m giving you back 2 hours per week.

Are you a one-girl show, and feeling sick and tired of being chained to your computer?

Maybe you feel lifeless.



Because you know that you should be blogging, posting to facebook instagram, marketing to get more clients.

But you just can’t.

Because you have no time for that.

You’re a slave to your computer screen.


My 5 Minute Tip for Slaughtering your Editing by AT LEAST 2 hours a week. So that you can spend your extra time playing with your son outside, and marketing to bring in more cash.

But really, when I figured this quick trick out, I think I cut at least 4 hours a week. And this works for ALL types of sessions…family, senior, weddings, commercial.


The 1-2 Punch Technique.

The 3-Click system that lets you walk away, take your child for a quick walk around the block, and come back to half the editing time.

Watch the 6-minute video and download the free tool:


Cheers to TIME more and more FREE TIME!

P.S. Want to cut your editing time in HALF? Check out the new master class.  Snap Edit: Unshackle yourself from the computer and start living life.

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