[5 Min Friday] Win the Weekend in 1 Simple Step, and prevent Monday Inbox Anxiety

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Have you ever been excited for the weekend, to take some time off from your photography business, and then Saturday morning you start having work anxiety creep in?

The “shoulds” creep up…

The “oh my gosh I was supposed to have XYZ done last week and I don’t want to open my email inbox or even facebook messenger because I’ve probalby got like 10 clients asking where their order/album design is…”

The “woopsie…I haven’t responded to my voicemails since TUESDAY” talk in your head that turns into a shame spiral of doom….

If you haven’t had that happen, I HATE you (actually I envy you…seriously, I do…)! And, I want to know how you do it…

But if you’re like me, it happens all too often.

Here’s what I want you to do, so you can actually enjoy the weekend without inbox anxiety from your photography business:

Step 1:

Take 2 minutes and write down a) what have I been procrastinating doing? b) what am I dreading and fearing will happen, even though it hasn’t happened? c) what have I been getting down on myself for NOT doing?

Step 2:

Take 3 minutes (so a total of 5 minutes) to deal with this PROACTIVELY.

Example 1: Do you have orders and album designs that are late and you fear opening your inbox to 11 angry clients who want to know what’s going on? Send a QUICK email TODAY explaining you are sorry their order/album design is late, but you will have it for them by xyz date.

Example 2: Has it been 2 weeks since your last social media post and you know the Facebook algorithm is about to show your stuff to NOBODY? Take a selfie with your phone in a “busy” situation (crazy amounts of laundry, your kids running around screaming, whatever…) Say something like, “hey everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, things have been crazy busy, but stay tuned Monday for something super cool!”

Last thing:

Make sure to calendarize the things you PROMISED people next week. Set aside time on Monday to get done what you said you’d do.

Ok…now set your timer for 5 minutes, and…..GO! You’ll be off to an inbox-anxiety-free weekend 🙂


Lisa Edwards

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