[3 of 3] Introducing My Pink Pickle, TWEENS

We’ve been talking for the past few weeks about The Pink Pickle Strategy, what it is, why “The Big W” came out with it so they could stop competing on price with the “Amazing A.”

They aren’t even COMPETING at all with Amazing A, because Amazing A doesn’t even offer it..

And how it’s not JUST about competing on price, but on creating new business and income that isn’t competing with their own REGULAR pickles.

Because shoot.

You still want a good-old-fashioned green pickle spear next to your grilled cheese!

So you’ll get people buying BOTH pickles.

The same is true with photography. When you create a new type of session that isn’t going to compete with your OTHER sessions.

A new type of session that isn’t even going to compete with any OTHER photographers!


Tween Sessions (ages 9-12) is WHERE.ITS.AT.

People come in January, February and March (sometimes even April) for a tween session, which isn’t competing with my busy season in the summer.

Some will come in during the summer or fall AGAIN for a family session. In a year or two one of their older children is a senior and I get that business as well.

It has a domino effect.

But getting that income in January and February, March and April? For ME that is a HUGE weight off my shoulder.

OK. You’re probably thinking, “I have no idea even where to START with tweens!”

And WHY would a mom even DECIDE to book a tween session?

It’s all about the emotion.

It’s what you say and how you say it.

Instead of saying, “Now offering tween sessions,” talking about WHY they should want it.

WHY if they can only do a single thing for their tween daughter, making them feel less pain. Making them feel even a tiny bit better about themselves and how they look?

Now THAT is something a mom would pay ANYTHING for.

If you have children you know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve had a child who didn’t get invited to a birthday party or didn’t get included in something, you know that you would do anything to make that pain and feeling of hurt go away.

But it’s not JUST the photos, either…it’s about creating this experience where moms, parents, teachers, siblings and friends are in on a HUGE surprise…

…quotes and stories mixed with the images when the images are revealed!

So today I’m introducing you to My Free Master Class – How to Book Your Slow Season Solid with Tweens! (SPECIFICALLY this February!)

You can get more of the low-down at this link to signup for this free training all about breaking into the Tween Market.



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