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photography pricing

I love your work, but I just can’t justify the price.

Have you ever had someone say (or infer) to you that they absolutely LOVE what you do… …But they just can’t justify the price? Or maybe that’s how you sometimes feel when you’re in a “funk.” Like if you wouldn’t ever spend that much on photography, why would someone else?…
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The Brain Science of Why Photos Make Us Feel Good

A warm feeling waterfalls inside my face and chest while I look through each gleeful 5×7 family photo in my wooden image box. There’s a tingling behind my nose and eyes – whenever these photos from three years ago turn to memories playing in my mind I get this feeling…
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[Step 2 to Freedom + Cash] Booku Bucks with Profitable Ideas

Yesterday we talked about why we feel like the freedom has been sucked out of us this time of year – because the phone doesn’t ring when it’s the subarctic, post-holiday time of year. Today we’re coming up with irresistible ideas for slow-season sessions, and in the next lesson we’ll…
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