Shout to the world the value of what you do, stand out from the sea of other photographers, and have a line of leads waiting to book you…

In as Little as 2 Hours…

..even if you feel like your background is more boring than eating cardboard with no ketchup.


…AND …

Have your work valued at 5x the other lower priced photographers



You differentiate your business as the cream at the top of the unpasteurized milk, and don’t have to compete with the low-ballers that are pricing themselves to the bottom…



Needing to have charisma like Enrique Iglesias, be an extrovert like Will Feral, or “be vulnerable” online in which there are, in my opinion, no famous people ever to note (ugh…be “vulnerable online…” I just vomited a bit in my mouth)

I have 3 Simple Questions for You:

1. Are you absolutely DONE with “price-gawkers”? 


2. Would you do anything to finally have the words to explain to leads why what you do is so valuable and different from the rest…WITHOUT feeling like you have to become defensive? 


3. Does the thought of another minute worrying that your prices are too high to get enough portrait clients this month make you want to tear out your eyebrows hair-by-hair?

If you answered yes to ANY of these, you’re not alone, my dear creative photographer…


You see, just a few years back, I was in the exact same position as you are now…

Hi, I’m Lisa Edwards.

I wasn’t always a marketing educator for photographers, speaking at conferences such as Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, having advice featured in Layer Magazine, and being hired for assignments from The Wall Street Journal, The Grammy Foundation, and various regional and national magazines. 

In fact, I was just a small-town portrait photographer struggling with how I could make enough to just pay the bills, wondering if I could truly ever make a living at being creative, and feeling hopeless about how anyone would ever pay me more than what the cheap photographers down the road were charging. 

 And then, my life changed one day while I was on the phone with a portrait inquiry: 


She said, “I LOVE your work, I mean it really speaks for itself. How much do you charge?”

I had just raised my prices from the most insanely low price ever, to the most insanely low price ever +10%. Dancing the line of to make less than a burger flipper, or to NOT make less than a burger flipper, quite frankly.

Her response

“Oh, wow, sorry, we can get cheaper from another photographer. Can you match that price?”

I was FLOORED! Obviously, I said no (though in the past I might have thought about it).

At that point, I realized one big, elephant-with-the-trunk-extended-size thing that forever changed the course of my business and life:

“No, your work clearly does NOT speak for itself, Lisa!

If that were true, you would have just booked that lead!” 


And so I went on a journey of figuring out how to SPEAK for my work, so that potential clients could see the value in it.

I brainstormed. I read books. I studied copywriters, advertising legends and modern-day luxury companies.

I flipped my “boring” past of living in a small town and loving history and daydreaming, into something interesting, intriguing, and of huge value to my potential clients.

I showed people with words why the intangible things I do are of great value to them, and why they can’t get that anywhere else.

That while photos are great, professional photos are much better. And while professional photos are great? The way I do it is the only way they’ll get what they truly desire and value.

The very first time I finally SPOKE for my work, I sent out a single email to a tiny list, and ended up with more than 12 leads within a few hours…IN JANUARY! January is usually my slowest time of year.

Then a few months later, I wrote a short social media post that sent people to a blog post. I told a compelling story about myself (without over sharing) and garnered 7 leads that day!

And, each image was very basic…nothing crazy, no model-ish woman in a red dress with fabric being thrown in the air…no image with 10 flashes going off on an old barn and high school senior with the northern lights in the background…and certainly no fancy behind the scenes video…

Just some nice, solid photos with WORDS that speak for my work…that show the value for what I do…

And the same works for any photographer.

And now I want to share the exact same system I used (and am still using today) so that you too can speak for your own photography, and convey the true value of what you do with words (not intangibles).


But before I do that, let me talk about the REAL issue here…

The REAL issue is that we have been “white-elephant-lied” to by the conglomerates in the photography industry. 

We’re being told (and sometimes suggested) that the true way to making a living wage and get more clients? 

Is just “upping our game.”

 That we JUST need to get better at our craft by upgrading our software and equipment so that we can be the best.

That it’s “us” and our art that need to be fixed…

The “Build it and they will come” Mentality.

Nothing is FURTHER from the truth.

Now, of course photographers need to be at a certain level of their craft to charge professional prices. I mean if all of my images are blurry and underexposed I can’t reasonably charge pro prices.  And, there’s nothing wrong with getting better at what you do, and becoming more creative.

That’s all fine and dand-er-ific….. and we all strive to do that, myself included.

But it does NOT MEAN people will automatically understand WHY you are charging more (aka a living wage) or WHY that means better results for them.

Because even when you improve your work…

It STILL doesn’t speak for itself (in most cases).

Nobody will notice but you, and maybe a few other photographers. 

You still MUST “speak for your work.

Your website, social media, about page, EVERYTHING must convey the value of what you do as a photographer, and why YOU specifically do it that way.

You must show people with words…

And now I want to share the exact same method I use to speak for my own work with you… so that you too can get the same results.

Introducing the fastest way to find the words to shout to the world the value of what you do, stand out from the sea of other photographers in your area, and have a line of leads waiting to book you…In As Little As 2 Hours…


..even if you feel like your background is more boring than eating cardboard without ketchup.


LIVE 2-hour Done-With-You “Speak For Your Work” Training

Framework Mastery:

You’ll master The Big 4 Belief Systems and the Certain 7 Hooks so that you have a complete roadmap to creating leads that flock to you like snow geese to Niagara Falls.


The Big 4 Beliefs System:

  • What your leads HAVE to believe in order to book your sessions  and buy your products. I’ll help you understand how this applies to your specific niche, be that seniors, families, kids, boudoir, etc.
  • Once you have baked these beliefs into your marketing? Leads on the fence will jump over, people that had never heard of you will flock to you, and those that didn’t even know they wanted your product or services will be endlessly emailing you.

The Heavenly 7 Hooks: 

  • Together you and I will craft “hooks that kill it” for each area of your business, and show you as the most valuable photographer in your area. We’ll tease out what makes you interesting, different, and why that adds so much value to their lives…even if you feel like your background is as boring as eating cardboard.
  • These seven hooks will drive traffic to your website, leads to your inbox, and perfect strangers to feel like they know, like, and NEED YOU and what you offer.

Do-it-Together Group Time:  

  • I’ll personally help you customize these frameworks into your business so there are no if’s, ands or big-butt’s about it. Plus, you get to hear me help other photographers do the same, so that you’ll have ample ideas and inspiration.
  • LIVE Class is Tuesday, December 5th at 5 pm Eastern Time (4 pm Central, 3 pm Mountain, 2 pm Pacific)
  • Absentee Submission: Won’t be able to make it live? No problem! You’ll have the chance to submit a short form with a bit of info about you and your business, so that I can give my recommendations on the call.

Bootcamp Recording:

  • You’ll have complete access to the training recording afterwards, and can watch it from anywhere anytime.

14-Days of Fine-Tune Critiques:

  • Submit new work to me up to 14 days AFTER the live bootcamp! I’ll record my ideas and suggestions and send them back to you.
  • Plus, you get recordings of ALL of the critiques from the class

The 7 “Hooks That Kill-It” Templates:

  • Quickly craft a new hook in less than 60 seconds with these mad-lib-style templates, so that you can stop staring at the blinking cursor of death, and instead spend more time with your kids and kittens.
  • Plus, look at the examples for different businesses as inspiration.

A Bonus That Will Make You Say BOOYA!

The 2 Minute AI Variation Method

  • Take your 7 hooks, pop them into Chat GTP using my simple 3-step system, and now have 100+ variations at your fingertips.
  • Chat GPT on its own can’t tease out what makes you unique and different…So now that we’ve done all of the heavy lifting, AI can add, subtract, combine and refine FOR you.

But Don’t Take My Word For It….

Here’s What My Past Students Are Saying…

The best part is that you can get started right now for less than one month of the price of your combined streaming services (Ola Hulu, Netflix, Paramount and PEACOCK!).


Here’s what you should do next if you are ready to get qualified leads who value what you, and stop worrying your prices are too expensive.


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Shout to the world the value of what you do, stand out from the sea of other photographers in your area, and have a line of leads waiting to book you…

In As Little As 2 Hours…


..even if you feel like your background is more boring than eating cardboard with no ketchup.



LIVE 2-hour Done-With-You “Speak For Your Work” Training

  • The Big 4 Beliefs System
  • The Heavenly 7 Hooks
  • LIVE Class is Tuesday, December 5th at 5 pm Eastern Time (4 pm Central, 3 pm Mountain, 2 pm Pacific)
  • Do-it-Together Group Time (with absentee submissions!) 
  • Bootcamp Recordings
  • 14-Days of Fine-Tune Critiques
  • The 7 “Hooks That Kill-It” Templates
  • BONUS:  The 2 Minute AI Variation Method
  • BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND PRICING: Expires on Tuesday, 11/28/2023

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