And Why I Sizzle

Hey there! 

I’m Lisa Edwards from Photo Bacon.

You have come to the right place, if you have ever thought: 

  • If I could only get more clients, things would be better.

  • If I could just stop stressing over money, I could get my sanity back.

  • If I didn’t have to constantly worry about my business, I could enjoy the time I have with my kids instead of worrying.

  • I’ve tried everything. I’ve run sales, discounts, done portfolio building sessions, ramped up my social media marketing, but I can’t seem to get clients during the slow season.

  • I’ve followed all of the “marketing calendars” out there, but it isn’t helping

  • I’ve blogged until my fingers bled, and I’m hearing crickets.

Dear Photographer, I feel you.

I mean seriously. I FEEL the brain-blowing, mind-mess you’re in right now when it comes to your business.

I’ve been there. I’ve been there pretty recently. As in four or five years ago I WAS there.

But now I have a system for bringing in cash andclients during the entire year. During the brutally slow season of January – March.

During the not much better rainy season of April – June. And it’s not the money that even matters.

 It’s preventing a mental breakdown. The cry-fest of snotty, congested tears that your spouse has cleaned up after (thank the lord for baby wipes).

Because when you’re stressed for sessions, nobody is happy.

Let me set the record straight.

I live in the working-class city of Butte, Montana town. Population 33,854. The median household income is $38,778. That’s HOUSEHOLD people, not per working person.

The nearest “big” city is an hour away, and has about the same population. It’s freeze-your-balls off cold here in the winter.

If you think you’re getting people outdoors for photos in the winter, think again. I’m talking -10 is the high some days.

I tell you this because if I can generate clients year-round in a small, working-class community, then you SURELY can do it too.

Unless you live in Antarctica. Or an Amish Farm (here in Montana they’re called Hutterite Colonies).

I’m Lisa Edwards.

I have owned a photography studio for 12 years. After having my first child in 2010, I decided I needed to start actually making money in my business, not just paying myself $500/month to cover student loan bills, food, beer money and a new pair of flip-flops every now and again.

In 2011 my car broke down. Enter car payment. I purchased a retail space for my studio. Enter big-ass mortgage payment. 

I had another kid. Enter freaking insane daycare bill. I hired a part-time employee (WTF?) You get the point. It goes on, and on, and on.

Waiting for the phone to ring is no longer an option for me.


It used to be a luxury. Am I right? A nice little break where you relaxed, read books and went to conferences. I created photo bacon to show you how I get clients year-round.

In just 60 minutes, learn how to skyrocket your bookings EVEN IN the slow Spring or Winter seasons with TWEEN Sessions.

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