Black Friday Messaging Mystery Mahem!

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Sixty Second Social is a quick tutorial bundled with copy-and-paste templates so you can gain even quicker traction on social media.

Each post should take you 60-seconds flat to find, copy and paste to your social media.


"Mystery" Course:

This never-been-launched mystery course is absolutely worth it! At a value of $197, you get it for just $19! HINT: Schwarzenegger, brain re-wiring, FBI hostage negotiator, oh my!
*** This is included with all other purchases on this page!

$97 value

– Just $19! –

Self-Study Messaging Bundle:

Sixty Second Social + 5 Second Story Impact Bundle!

  • Magnetizing Social Media Library: 101+ copy-and-paste social media posts. These can be copied and pasted at the drop of a hat!
  • Searchable Index, Video Walk-Through, and 30-Second Customization (Templates of all pre-written content included!_
  • 5-Second Story Mini Course: captivate the hearts and minds of your target client with storytelling
  • Mystery Course included!

$391 value

– Just $97! –

Messaging Co-Creation!

Work with me 1-on-1, and I’ll help you co-create your messaging and copy!

We’ll decide together what copy to create, and what topics to cover:

  • Your (3) cornerstones of content – the categories you can use and abuse over and over again that your clients will LOVE.
  • Your writing style and voice boiled down to thick, potent secret sauce, much like a brilliant balsamic vinegar reduction
  • Your Spell-book for Sales – enticing, storytelling descriptions of your products and services.
  • Selling the Intangible Strategy: Once we pinpoint the client Desire Factor? We amplify that EVERYWHERE with both intangible and tangible factors.
  •  Customize: We’ll customize the copy you want to create.

VIP Half-Day (3 Hours):

$1,100 value – Just $497! –

***Payment plan available

VIP Full-Day (7 Hours):

$2,197 value – Just $1497! –

***Payment plan available

Copy Coaching Intensive

  • 8-week coaching program
  • 8 weeks together, with one-on-one sessions and unlimited email support
  • (1) Half-Day Kickoff Intensive One-on-One for Copy Co-Creation (3 hrs on zoom)
  • (4) Additional 45-minute copy c0-creatione one-on-ones
  • 8 weeks of complete e-mail support, including copy/messaging critiques and suggestions
$2,197 value – Just $1497! –

***Payment plan available